Mi Familia

So, this page is dedicated to my family and the good times we share. I hope you stop by often and have lots of fun browsing. May Abba Father shine His face upon you and bless you with a family as wonderful and loving as mine.

Pictured below is the Cruz, Rivera, Burgos family Thanksgiving 2006. Man, we’re some good looking people!!!

thanksgiving-2006-women-256-x-192.jpgLeft to Right – Back Row – Me (in the bright pink), Daniele. Middle Row – Maria Wanda, Mom Cruz, Tylar. Front Row – Gina

thanksgiving-2006-men-256-x-192.jpgLeft to Right – Fabian, Jose, Justin, Jarrett, Bobby and Joshua

Okay, some background. We spent Thanksgiving 2006 at my sister-in-law’s (Jelly) house because I was just not up to it. My dad had passed away the week before the holiday and I was not really in the holiday mood. So, without further ado, meet some of the family:

Jose Arnaldo Cruz, is my wonderful, loving and patient husband. He was born in Puerto Rico as were his sisters and brother and he was 9 years old when his dad moved them to New York. His brother (Jose Norberto but for obvious reasons we called him Tito) went to be with our Lord several years ago. Tito is survived by his daughter Wanda (named for his big sister) and 2 sons Isreal (they call him Tito too) and Jasmine – better known as Jazzy. My hubby also has 2 sisters, Maria, but we call her Jelly because her dad nicknamed her that when she was little and it stuck, and Wanda whom we refer to lovingly as Wan-dee. So, Jose Arnaldo is the oldest, then Wanda, Jose Norberto (Tito) and last but not least Maria (Jelly).

Wanda has 2 sons from a prior marriage Carlos Jr and Joey (not pictured), and Fabian is her boyfriend. Jelly is married to Bobby and they have 2 kids, Joshua and Gina.

Jose and I have 4 children, Daniele (yes I know, I only spelled her name with one L – get over it), Justin, Jarrett and Tylar. (posted 8/5/07)

check back again soon – I’ll have more pictures to post…

I know I updated this page last week, but now the new stuff is gone… Oh well, here we go again…

This is my mom, Bonnie, in her “red hat” mom-in-her-red-had.jpg mom’s the one with blonde hair. Aint she cute, don’t she got a purdy smile??? She belongs to the Red Hot Chili Peppers of S.Carolina and she LOVES it!!! Who would have thunk it that my mom would be a groupie??

Here is my dad, Joe, daddy2.jpg he passed away  November 2006, boy did he love this hat he’s wearing and talking about his navy days! He served on the USS Camberra , and he met my mom when he was in the navy. Guess she couldn’t resist his charm, sense of humor and awesome good looks! Check him out in his uniform!!! daddy.jpg It must have been those cool lookin’ glasses that did her in!!! hehehehe.  Here is a picture of him from several years ago during Christmas (ain’t he handsome?) daddy.  We had a lot of family over that year including my mom and stepdad pictured below along with Sue, (pictured far left)sue his wife of 20+years- probably the best person (besides me and my mom of course) to enter his life.  As you can see, my dad had excellent taste in women.  Sue is one of the nicest and hardest working women I have ever known and for putting up with my dad and all his shenanigans, should be nominated for sainthood – move over Mother Teresa! 


Now here’s a picture of Ben, dsc00182.jpg my other dad! Good lookin’ aint he?? He’s not my bio dad, but he’s the next best thing! He’s the hardest working man I know, besides my husband of course!!!

Now before I forget, here’s my youngest baby – Biskit! 12110621361.jpg Isn’t he just too cute? My daughter Daniele gave him to me for my birthday 2 years ago and I just wuv him to death. He’s so darn funny – I call him Boo Boo, Daniele calls him Bubba and if you want to see what my boys call him, you’ll have to visit my 100 things page! 

Now, this handsome puppy is Handsome.  He’s a Boxer-Mastiff mix.  My son and I rescued him from the animal shelter because we thought he was 5 years old, and who would adopt a dog at that age when there’s so many puppies around???  Well, the day after we brought him home I whisked him off to our vet for a thorough check up only to learn he’s not 5 years old, he’s 1 year old and isn’t done growing yet!  Oh well, too late to take him back, we love him too much, besides he’s so darned cute.


Here’s a picture of my husband Jose, our youngest son Jarrett graduating high school in 2006, and me. scan00111.jpg Man we’re good lookin’!!! But how in the good Lord’s name this boy got so darned tall when he has such short squatty parents is beyond me. I always tell him it’s because he was over-baked in my “oven”, he was nearly a month overdue and decided he would wait till we had a snow storm before he would come out! He almost ended up being a friday the 13th baby, but I was determined his butt was coming out before the clock struck 12! I made it with only 5 minutes to spare – if he wasn’t so darned cute, I’d slap him upside his goofy head! But then again, when he was a baby, Daniele accidentally dropped him head first on our hardwood (now carpeted) floors. We blame her for him being so darned silly!!!

Here’s my hubby with his mom and my 2 boys Jarrett and Justin. cruz-men-and-mom.jpg Good looking people if you ask me! Sorry for the grainy picture, I’ll be hunting down some better quality pictures in the days ahead! But grains or no grains, they’re still some good looking people!!

This one is of me and my chicitita nenita, Daniele (yes one L, get over it!) She’s got it all, beauty, brains, talent and a wicked sense of humor!!! thanksgiving-32.jpg The chick in the Easter Egg Pink sweater is me – before my surgery. Check out my About Me page for newer photos!

Now, before I try to head off to bed, I can’t go without posting my little “Peanut” Tylar. I wanted her to be called TJ so I gave her a middle name with a J but no one calls her TJ! Who knows, maybe when she gets into college she’ll be more into a nickname. I’ll have to spread the word – I have 4 years to prepare!!! scan0009.jpg

I used this picture because the only other one I have uploaded on my pc is her school photo from last year and she “thinks it sucks” so there you have it!

Okay, I know the picture quality is yucko, (we all look like we’re wearing bugs bunny teeth or something – except of course for Justin, he just knows how to strike that pose!) but this was taken when Tylar graduated from 8th grade this summer so left to right: Me, Jose, Tylar, Jarrett, Daniele and Justin. The only one missing is Biskit…summer-014-600-x-450.jpg

These pictures were taken by my brother-in-law Bobby at Justin’s 26th birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. See, when the kids were little we started a tradition that they could pick anywhere they wanted to go for dinner on their birthday and over the years we’ve eaten at some “interesting” places. One year Tylar decided she wanted to eat at Wendy’s – if we didn’t love her to death the answer to that wish would have been a huge NO!!! Anway, enjoy some pic’s of the family having a fantastic time hanging out with each other!!!


burgos-family-256-x-192.jpg blow-out-the-candles-256-x-192.jpg daniele-and-tyla-256-x-192.jpg hugs-and-kisses-256-x-192.jpg jose-mom-and-sisters-256-x-192.jpg jose-mom-josh-josephina-256-x-192.jpg me-carli-and-chris-256-x-192.jpg some-of-the-family-256-x-192.jpg the-gang-256-x-192.jpg

Well, that’s it for right now. I’ll be posting more in the days ahead. Gotta dig out my printer from under a pile of pillows before I can use the scanner function. Hope you enjoyed meeting my family as much as I enjoyed posting them for you.


5 thoughts on “Mi Familia

  1. Dear Briggie.
    kindly pray for me, i was diagnosed with appendicitis , the Doctors need usd $400, to do surgery to remove the appendicitis, i dont have the funds,i wish i could send you the scan and the photos, please pray and help please. William

  2. I really like your pictures..they are so awesome…I had no idea you were of spanish culture…my friends who had started their church are the same.she is from puerto Rico. he is from El salvador..I am Jewish. May Adonai bless you always.. jess..{ jessi }

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