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I was invited by Sara from Stones of Remembrance to link to prayers on her site and it got me to thinking…I should create a page dedicated to linking to sites and prayers! bibles019.gif If you know of a site or post that is dedictated to prayer please submit the link via the comments so I can review it as a potential link on my site. Please be patient with me while this page is under construction. And remember, There Is Power In Prayer!!!


Take a moment to visit Sara’s post Keep On Praying or Did You Think To Pray and I Must Tell Jesus is a must read!

I recently found encouraging scriptures on Marilyn Hickey’s website that I found very helpful.


47 thoughts on “Links to Prayer

  1. Please pray with me ….Shirley for full freedom on my left side. I had tumours in my brain that inhibited the complete use of my left side. I have been reading and believing the scriptures of healing daily. I had a dream that I was in worship and I was praising with my left hand raised…. Free from paralysis. I feel that it was a God dream and I look forward to going to church this Sunday for the first time since December 2015. I am cancer free and feeling stronger.

  2. please pray for mum dear mum who was diagnosed of cancer, she is so weak, oh please pray for her, we are from Slovakia. Lord bless you.
    Dana babicova

  3. Emergency prayer request for michael flythe of Bensalem, pa, he in St. Marys hospital, scheduled for surguery on thursday 15,his head keeps swelling, they said he has brain cancer, with little hope, the devil is a liar, please come in agreement with the family and i that he is coming out of this. I haven t seen him in a while but we all grew up together. please send to the emergency prayer department

  4. I ask that you pray for my fiance’. He was just diagnosed with stage four bladder cancer which has went through the bladder wall and into the spine. Doing bone biopsy tomorrow and a Kyphoplasty. We hope that this will allow him to have a normal life again. Be able to walk again. I ask the Lord to help us all through this.Most of all give him the strength to go through this without a whole lot of pain, and return to some what of a normal life.

  5. My name is Demona. Please pray that God heals my dad from cancer. It started out small on his lung. It was removed surgically and is back and spreading. The family is praying for a healing. Thank you

  6. Please pray for me, I have a small business that is struggling. I borrowed money to help support my widowed mother and myself for 11 years. My mother went to be with the Lord the day before my birthday 9-7-10 and I miss her terribly, she was my best and only friend.
    I now face losing everything I own including my home and business. I read my bible and pray but things keep getting worse. My car needs expensive repair, I had a toothache and found out I need a root canal for almost $3,000, I am on food stamps PTL, but I have unpaid bills and I don’t know what to do. Bad things keep happening that I can’t afford financially, physically, or mentally.
    Every Sunday morning my mother would call me and say “It’s time for Joel”, I still have her on my answering maching saying this and every Sunday I watch him. Joel keeps me going through his messages of encouragement and faith.
    God Bless this ministry!

  7. Please pray for my Father Francis Bernard he is not doing well, he had a stroke 3 years ago and is having a lot of compications now he is in the hospital and is very weak. Please that he will recover and be out the hospital soon. God Bless.

  8. hii m a 23yrs old girl.. my mother likes your preaching verry i m married hubby drinks alcohol..n i dont like it..please pray for him..that he should leave alcohol..he also gets attracted to any female around..please pray that he should only love me throughout his life n be loyal to me ..i m also looking for a good job..please pray for me for a good brother is also looking for admission please do pray for him as well..

  9. Please help! The devil and his fallen angels have been at my home along with other spirits. I have seen him he looks like a skeleton ,he looks handsome at times and when he flies he looks like black dots with a huge wing span.(ash).This is not a joke,lie prank nor am i sick or with a brain problem or a druggie or on meds.This is as real as it gets. Please im spiritually beaten all the time,and i know God is holding my life in his hands. I might be on a trail of God. Well i went to church last sunday and my paster was teaching the book of Esther 14:14-16. It kind of fit this problem im going thew. I believe God is asking me to go and gather the Jews of Sasa to fast for 3 days and 3 nights. Please help God and myself and get other people the fast for 3 days and 3 nights. A prayer here and there is not good enough for God and this situation. if you have any questions please call me at 304-229-6109. im on the east coast. Please the church need to come alive because Satan is attacking the Christians, and im one of them..Thank you so much.Angel


  11. Please, pray for me, i’m figthing vs. cancer, i’ve a cirgury 2 years ago, breast cancer, chimiotherapy an radiotherapy at this time and all seemed to be good. Now the doctors found somethin in my liver, and i’ve already started chimiotherapy again. Is not easy!. Thank you very much!

  12. Please pray for our 24 yr old daughter Amy who had her colon removed and now has an infection/virus taking advantage of a depleted immune system. She is in critical condition in Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. Pray for a healing of her lungs and this battle in her body between a virus and the drug desinged to eliminate the virus. Thank you so very much.

  13. O Lord of knowledge and wisdom please send me a healthy doce of them both. College is so confusing. These homework assignments on line are crazy, the web pages don’t work. I really need help swift from on high. Lord you know who, what, when and how I need help learning and obtaining this data and good grades. I am praying for all of that and my special prayer request to be answered favorably. As in the book of Daniel I want to be 10x smarter and 10x better and 10x wiser as the Hebrew boys were then the others. In Jesus name I pray amen

  14. Father God of mercy and protection be with my son a Marine as he is in Pakistan now assisting the flood victums. Protect and defend our Military and their families from the enemy. Grant them peace as they protect and serve our freedoms. Give them courage, wisdom and knowledge to walk along the hardest roads, war when you pray for peace. Help them not to grow weary in well doing…In Jesus name I pray amen

  15. I can’t change my past, yes I can improve my present, my future I ask that the lord will remove this women at the well problem I keep having. Help me to get it right, being divorced/rejected hurts and people only judge you instead of comfort. Jesus you waited for the women of shame; send one for me to remove my shame and change my name to victory in marriage/relationships. In Jesus name I pray amen I praise you in advance

  16. please pray for my marriage to be reconciled and my husband to come back home. We have been separated for almost a year. Things are getting worse and worse everyday and we are growing further and further apart. I just ask fro prayer that our marraige be restored.

  17. hello my brother & sisters in christ : My wife & I found out today that her father ( james Clancy) has stage 3 Esophageel Cancer we are praying for healing with this & to give us stregth wisdom on journey

  18. Can you, please, fervently pray
    God gives promises, and I know He is FAITHFUL!
    I am sure when your prayers join mine will surely receive a miracle. I am praying with Faith and please help me in this.
    Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it.

  19. Lord i come to you asking for blessings for hazel&olin lord i lift them both up in prayer, for you to heal them both lord i just ask of you to rain your blessings down on them.Let them know lord that you will never leave nor for sake them. in the fathers holly name i pray amen.

  20. Please pray for me i had breast Cancer in 2002 open heart surgery in 2005 and now i have cerrebellar degeneration and will lose my ability to walk it is incurable and proggresive but i truly believe the Lord will help me. also my brother olin who has cancer and has been told ther is nothing they can do please pray for us

  21. Briggie, i thank u and everyone else out there 4 there thoughts & prayers, i went 2 the doctors 2day and by the grace of god it seems as of right know everything is fine, i still have 2 have surgey 2 have somethings removed, so still keep me in your prayers,as i will u in mine.god is good not some of the time but all of the time.

  22. hi im new at this but im comming 2 u in need of prayer 4 my family and 4 myself ,im going 2 see the cancer doctor on the 10th of sept 09 ,im asking all of u out there 2 lift me and my family up in prayer,i do have faith in the lord that he will heal me ,but i must say that i am afraid , i ask of u my lord 2 please take this feare away from me and just 2 guide me threw heavenly fathers name i pray amen .

    1. Dear Melissa,
      I will be praying that God gives you His peace and perfect love which casts out all fear. Know that fear is of the enemy and not God. It is meant to keep your mind and thoughts off of God and on him so that you will grow weak and weary. I will pray that God places His angels about you and that He puts people in your path that will lift you up and be there to lean on. You may not know what tomorrow holds for you, but you do know Who holds tomorrow. Let Him be your strength! Take care and God bless you ^i^

  23. Please pray for me you know this day’s i’m loosing hope in every thing i do i even forget that my living God is the to guide and protect me…….
    At points i feel like i’m not known and that God has forgotten me…….i really need someone to lift me up and show me all the right direction at all times……..
    Your prayer will be highlly appreciated……..

  24. Pray for me in all areas of my life. I have recently come back to God. I am the prodigal trying to find his way home. I have many addiction financial,legal and family problems and need others to agree with me in prayer. I saw your telecast last night,Joel, and it was very uplifting. I woke up this am and the first thing I said out loud is I am forgiven, God loves me and God is going to bless this day and me. This is the day that the Lord hath made, I wii rejoice and be glad. It makes a difference! I am smiling already-even though my life is still a mess. Thanks. Amen

  25. please pray for me Joel. i am the prodigal trying to find his way home. i saw your telecast on 7-5-09 and it was very uplifting for me. i am going to try to speak Gods favor and good into my life every am and all day. please agree with me in prayer. i am praying for my season of jubilee. i am claiming my season of liberty,prosperiyt,healing,renewal and restoration. agree with me in claiming Gods favor over my finances job and family. please pray with me that the curses plaguing my family will be{are being}broken. i am thanking God in advance for my victory over my addictions,finances,debt ,legal and family problems. more than anything i want to experience Gods forgiveness,grace and mercy and the gift of the Holy Spirit. thank you.AMEN

  26. Please pray for my mother Theresa and my sister Tiffney and her 3 children for salvation and favor for Tiffney with the Judge and probation officer and for a home they all need right now. Thank you and God bless you all, Beth Perkins from Kyle, SD

    1. Hello Beth.
      I will lift you and your family up in prayer to the Lord. Continue to stand in prayer for their salvation. Lord God Jehovah, I come before You and ask that you place Your angels around Beth, her mother, sister, and her sisters children and ask that you put godly people in their path to light the way to You and their salvation. Open their hearts, ears and minds to Your Word and gift of eternal life through Jesus. Lord, bless Beth with peace and fill her storehouse according to Your will and riches in heaven, in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, amen.

  27. praise the lord,

    pl pray as i (MALA) have 2 court cases going on ,one is forgery case with my brother name sanjiv .
    the other case is with my city for my apartment. The court date for this case is 20 April /09.
    pl pray lord to bless us with favour in both the court cases.

    Also i am looking for a job ,i have applied for govt job also.may god bless us ,as all things r possible with our god

    thanks and may god bless you all.
    in christ

  28. my daughter in law names in janine cosio she liven in henderson nv. with her husband and 3 young children. she had a stroke approx.2 weeks ago and went to a neurologist to get test and has been dx with a tumor in her brain and m.s.. she will be having another procedure done on her son’s b-day on 4-7-9 and will receive the results on 4-13-9 which is a very hurtful day for us all my son passed away on 4-13-8 she has had several medical problems allot of them have had cancer please we need prayer for her healing

  29. Please, fervently pray:

    That TODAY OR TOMORROW NEBOJSA makes new steps toward me (call, approach, apologize) and that WE COMPLETE RECONCILE

    That God keep us in His care and help us to work out all problems

    For God’s protection of our love and future

    That God keep evil influences and envy and jealous opinions and people away from our relationship, that all negative TEMPTATIONS, STUBBORNESS, UNFORGIVENNES AND BITTERNESS be lifted away

    Thank you very much.





  30. Please pray for me. I am a young married mother of two with a troubled soul. I have gotten myself in a dilemma that only the truth and prayers will heal me. I have faith in the Lord. I ask his forgiveness and to help lead me in the right direction. I can feel the devil taunting me and I am tired of it. I thank the Lord for his many gifts and only want to do what is his will. Please pray for me to be strong.

  31. Please, fervently pray that TODAY OR TOMORROW Nebojsa makes new steps toward KATARINA (call, approach, apologize)and that THEY COMPLETE RECONCILE.

    Thank you very much.

    God bless you. Keep praying for you.

  32. his is a prayer for a couple who are about to start a church. they need church chairs..carpet. and every moth to pay the lease.please pray all goes well..thank you..shalom

  33. dear charlene, i pray that God watches over your mom and ask Him to place His angels around her. may His peace be with you in the name of Jesus.

  34. Please agree in prayer for my mom, Virginia Handy. My dad passed away recently and she is not coping well. She is 90 and has major health concerns and needs 24 hr. care. Please thank and praise the Lord for putting her in a home where she will be happy and feel much better. Thanks so much.

  35. may YHWH our ADONAI HEAL SHORTY of his multiple biopsy.we pray for his fast recovery to complete HEALING.This we ask through your SON YESHUA the MESSIAH.WE PRAISE AND THANK YOU ADONAI because you are the ONLY ONE who owns our LIVES.

    1. Brother’s and Sister’s in the name of Jesus Christ,
      Please pray for a healing of my husband, George, who has cancer. He would like to continue bring people to God and to continue serving God here. Your prayers for his healing are so greatly appreciated.
      God Bless all of you!

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