I want to pray but…


Prayer is the only way to build a relationship with God. We can go to church every week, read the bible daily, volunteer to help feed and clothe the poor, and pay our tithes faithfully. Unless we add daily prayer to those things, we will never have a deep personal and intimate relationship with Him. So many people put prayer at the bottom of their “to do” list because they do not understand the importance of it. God wants us to know Him. He already knows all about us. He knows our voice, our thoughts and dreams. To truly know Him, we must talk to him as well as read His word.

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.” John 15:7

So many people feel they don’t know how to pray, or feel their prayers are not adequate because they can’t quote scripture, or their prayers aren’t long enough or they haven’t been born again long enough to pray properly. When praying for yourself or others, do not worry about how your prayer is phrased, how long you pray or where you pray. There is no right or wrong way to pray and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Prayer is a different experience for everyone. God wants us to talk with Him and it should be as you would talk to your friends or family. Pray for others whenever you think of them (at work, home, doing chores, in the car). Soon, praying for others will become a part of your daily life and your will see your personal prayer time with God lead you to a deeper and more intimate level with Him. If you are using a prayer list take a moment to read each request. You can pray for each person individually for their specific need, or you can say a corporate prayer asking God to meet each persons need.

The following is taken from the unityonline website…

Prayer is connecting with God. In prayer, you create a sacred space in which you commune with God. Use the following 5-Step Prayer Process to deepen your connection with God, to heighten your awareness of God within you. Experience the power of prayer.

Set aside time each day for prayer. Begin your quiet time by relaxing your body and opening your mind to an awareness of God. Breathe deeply, knowing that you are in the presence of God and the presence of God is within you. Let go of your concerns and know that all is well.

As you close your eyes and release any thought of the world around you, begin to think about God … about God’s presence in your life. Focus your mind on a single thought or idea or scripture that resonates with you. Repeat this idea over and over, either silently or aloud until it becomes your only thought.

Allow this focused state of mind to move you into a deeper awareness of God. “Be still … and know that I am God.” Be still as you connect with this divine presence within you.

From the depth of your being, know that you are one with God. This knowing, this realization as you experience God’s holy presence is “silent soul communion.” In this receptive state of mind and heart, listen for the inspiration of God, the answers to your prayers.

Give Thanks
Let gratitude be your heart’s joyous response to this experience of communion with God and with God’s infinite goodness. Give thanks for blessings to come.


58 thoughts on “I want to pray but…


  2. Thanks for guiding steps in praying. I have an autististic suffering boy. These steps will be helpful in praying. God blessings.

  3. shalom in the nhAME OF YESHUA HAMASIACH PRAY THAT TO DAY ALL THE THINGS GOING WELL BECAUSE YESTERDAY EVERYTHING WAS COLOPSE. THAT THE RIDE PEOPLE COME ON MY WAY . PRAY FOR PROSPERITY. for mycousin lucian me and my wive. i need also a good work . also for the two moslims were i working with that they will repented
    . also this weekend there is a wedding and my inlaw comes fro canada. pray that going always well .

  4. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and am having a terrible time I feel numb terrified, I know is God’s will not mine but can’t stop from this feeling lost I want to give my life to God please pray for me I know only God knows best.

      1. Same to you too,my name is Susanna,but all my friends and family me Suzie,when I saw your post,I just had to reply. May God Bless you too:) take care

  5. shalom in the name of yeshua hamasiach

    Please pray for my cousin luciano he is 11 years old. pray that is willing come to me
    at the monet the friends he play withhave not a good invloence over him.
    My sister mdpdw only is on the internet and not looking after him . pra that i can have a good invloence over him. My mother raised him 9 years . Tha childcrae gave him to my demonic sister
    i was very angry. Because i raised her daughter when i lived in the hoiuse of my mother.
    Iam a messianic jew. and luciano is born from an arab guy. my nice the dauchter of my smgpdw
    is born from. luciano is a victime of a sexual adventure of my nice. Iam the old uncle of luciano.
    Pray that Luciano will come to me and live with me and my wive. Backing Adonai.
    The boy is a gifted soccer player.Also that my Ethiopian wive Fri is willing to raise him.
    also pray that i can resore my mistakes. realy after the suicice of my mother on 2-09-2009
    is there prayer needed more and more. also pray for my finances, me and my wive ar very dis agree
    about that. i need a good work and income . shalom kjdw
    my phone number is 0031224799820 r 0031617167595

  6. shalom i n the name of Yeshua Pray to recover to me and my exwork mate Paul. And also
    for restoring ouerworking to gether . Pray that he will accepted me again. also for the Gaswork.
    i breaking some thing. nothing serieus worse but materiaal damage. ptray thatwe can found away again that Adonai and Yeshua Hamasaich breaking his heart. Shalom kjdw

  7. ” I’m requesting a prayer , to protect me everyday until i go back in the phil. I was working here in uae but suddenly i go in a wrong track of life . I am pregnant now and I’m afraid to go back in my own country ..but i need to . Please pray for me that i could return to my country safe and my baby on march .. I need to save money first for my eldest daughter before i go back .. and pray for me that they can forgive for all the sins that i made especially for my husband …please do pray fro my frogiveness …..

  8. Please pray for healing; gurd,esophagitis…I am hurting and very emotional….I try to have faith and believe…soemtimes i get upset and think He dosen’t care ..He has healed me before…i cant sleep,i might lose my job,im overwhelmed….i know He loves me,died for me….I can’t take it anymore…starting to get suicide thought s now ,,,,,He gave me lots of work and have it coming at me soon…..I am very thankful the way the economy is….unless i get healed now ,i have to tell my boss i cant work…..please pray for me…..I read the scriptures over and over and believe as best i can…then i crack….i have had some improvement…..im scared…(I know the enemy wants that)Please pray for me i need this soon…..I know its in His time but this is threatening my survival…in these end times I need mental and physical healing(i have councelors christian etc,,)please ask Him for one thing …sleep ….then…the gas in my stomach gos away…I want to stay but I can’t live a life sick again…it almost killed me the last time…ask for His MERCY ON ME….I have confessed my sins ,including lack of faith…Im not Job…just his son….thnks

  9. My son has been suffering w/ and drug addiction. I pray everyday to God to help him get through this, as he is is doing 12 steps, meeting and praying to God the higher power,for the past 8 months. Please God take this horrible desease from him, and let him live a again. Thank you God Bless

  10. shalom pray for my finances still my wife is not willing to working together.
    she is onley doing time spending with other poeple and only running in excuses
    very rteligieus and dont see her part. I need money to survive .to day i need
    pray that my upcoming bissnes will be prosper. window cleaning . this weak iam flyering als for other work pray for money. also for my bones and legs.Pazry for stephdahter and my cousin that yeshua is
    near them.pray forall my relatives. thank you shalom kjdw

  11. please pray for my cousin lg he is 10 years old pray that he will live in my house still he cannot read and write very ell. pray for that childcare will give to me and my wife.pray for agreement between me and my wife also i have serieeus money problem pray that God will solved it. and that my stephfahter will stay under the blood of yeshua and my nice lt will living her own live and that my stephfahter
    cj will found a good wife who believes in yeshua. and that he comes in contact with own son eke
    an granddaughter jesse.Pray for a miricle. shalom kj

  12. I have a situation that Need that God can hepl to bring Gio, Gretchen and Brandi together. Allow me God to lead them right so I may have peace in my home and they can all be happy.
    Give me courage to do this, take away my Fears and bring the roght peole to asssist me so I can learn and be confident.

    Thank you
    Silvia, Gio Gretchen and Brandi


  14. Hi
    I’m praying over my exam results, I’ve studied smart and hard to pass the units and did the best I can do.

    Please pray for my results to be good.

    YHWH Bless you all


  15. Please pray for me and my singing teacher she stopped lessons with me pray that she will do it again. here name is Natasja.Pray for forgive me i make a big mistake. Pray for a miricle. Shalom kjdw

  16. I need your prayer my brother Yoshua so that Jesus can get me out of debts trap. Because of the debts I feel stressed and unhappy. I am working but I am unable to save money . Pray so that Jesus can set me free and create a new life to me. Pray to break all blockadings to which I am bound. Thank you.

  17. Many people say they want the Creator to speak to them. First of all, the Creator has given His Instructions in Torah, and according to Devarim 6:4-9 requires everyone to do their utmost to keep those mitzwot (etymological translation: directives or military-style orders) non-selectively.

    In Mishlei Shlomoh (“Proverbs”) 28:9 it is written this about prayer.
    “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the Torah, even his tephilah (“prayer”) is an toeivah (abomination).”

    That is also in accordance with what the historical Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh (the Messiah) from Nazareth taught. His teachings are found in http://www.netzarim.co.il (the ONLY legitimate Netzarim site). The only way to follow Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh is through that group (find out also why this is the case on that site).

    Anders Branderud

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  19. Shalom in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach urgent
    prayer request . My Stephfather tried suicide after
    the suicide of my mother some months ago. This
    case of the taxes he cant see the solution but the solution is thewre. Pray that God Protected him in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach all of them wants
    to claim me ( kjdw) for the mess. Pary for that he wil found back Yeshua Hmamasiach you can call me on 0031224799820 or 0031644876845

    Shalom and Thank you God bless you

  20. Please pray for my work and a good accepted income. Pray for agrement between me and the person and singing carrier. Pray for my cousin Luciano. Pray for blessings in my live. I was missing Pesach. Pray for my financial live and protecting income. Pray for my stephfather.
    and against the occultic in my family and the relatives i have. Pray for my areas in my live and m,y wife. Shalom Klaas Jacob de Weert

  21. Please pray for house peace my wife dont
    understand the things i do . Pray for that conflict stay away and that i can live with her i have no
    deep relation. We have a caracter problem.
    I want that i found my back again. i believe
    shalom KLaas JACOB

  22. Please pray for the tax collector and me to finsh the tax paperwork. Please pray for harmoy between me an my wife pray for my family sistet mgpd an nice lt and my cousin Luciano that he wioll found his way to live in my hiouse . Pray for stephfather taht he will beprospere. Pray for more things for me and them Pray for a job in the telesales and taht everything going smoothly. Pray for a miricle shalom Klaas

  23. Shalom in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach

    Baruch ata adonai Mleach Yehsua tough this women gave her convidence and power that she must and shall receive youre providing. Please father tough them and realse her from difi culties shalom in the name of Mosiach Yehsua

  24. I wolud love to be pray for.and so would all my
    family.All my sisters go to church,and I did to
    untill my mother die 3 years ago. I dont know why but after she die I stop going.I dont know why I dont go any more. I watch your show every time I can get on it T.V. I was
    working and making 550 a week and the comp.
    I work for cut my paid 200. a week So now
    I need help so would you please for us

  25. Shalom inn the name of Yshau Hamasiach i need a lot of Crace these days and understanding and i want bring minus everyday bringing some one to Yeshua. Because the times are serieus. Pray that Gods will will passing my livbe and that i williong to obey in everything.
    A commited husband for my wife and understanding and lovely. Pary fro my cousin Luciano FGravenstijn that Adonai will protecting hom and he is rejected by his mother that childcare bring him on my way that my sister were he is living will fear Adonai. Pary for my peole Israel and specaial for my beloved friuend Moshe Assor, That his wife will come back. and all his children that he can sale hies house for a good price.Pray that i cxan handle the tax and me payments and responce bilties that there enough money to pay pray tat i can opaying back al;s o for my Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua who are in Financial ProblemsSpecial Anna Pugh. Pray for the house of the Prophets in Sweden from Ngabo. Pray also for my Stephfather ( Named; Chrit Jean Everaers) after loss of my mother) She wwas Committing Suicide)

  26. Shalom in the name of Yeshua

    and that Yeshua come in his live. He is 9 years old.Pray for teh boy his circumstances my mother commit suicide two months ago and let him
    helped by the name of Yeshua Hamasiach . [pray also for me and my wife that we founf a way of good love and understanding . Pray for me that i can get a job i must talk to today in Utrecht pray for the taxcases of my steph father that i found faviour by the tax inspectors that they have understanding. Pray for my financial situation and for my smal jobs and up comming music carrier.Pray for my friend moshe that Yeshua will come in his live and pary that his wife will return.
    With the children. Pray for my stephfahter his mental condition and my nieces Irene and and her boyfriend en Lucianda. And her family.
    Pray that my sister Marjolein de Weert will become a beliver in Yeshua Hamasiach pray that her boyfriend will found Yeshua . Thank you and Shalom

  27. Shalom in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach

    Peray for me and my wife to fouynd back peace. Pray for the relationship. I was helping Moshe and my wife was becomming angry . Pray for understanding that Moshe will understanding also me. Pray for wife and children will return Pray for my cousin Luciano to find Yeshua Hamasich Mosiach in his Young live that he wil choose for him and he will liviing in my house pray that child care gave to me . Pray for the tax inspectors. That i can handle my tax cases special for mister or miss jw de Gode and Mister bennink . Pray for Grace. Pray that tthe compagnie leader of of Testament will helping us oafter the loss of my mother to become free of the taxes. pRay for my demonic sister will repenting.
    Pray for more peole to help my Isrealian Jewish friend Moshe also financial.also ineed money on the longterm pray fopr that. Also i have my secrets and i want to talkj with my wife over that in the futere pray for forgivenes and love between her and me. Pray daily for my stephfather thatb he will found back Yeshua and that Adonai weill gave hinm a new Christian wife. Pray that i can have a job or bissnes and also a good singing carrier. Shalom in the name of yESHUA hAMASIACH AND WHEN YOU WANT TO CALLING ME 0031224799820 OR 0031615834204 OR 0031629326481 OR EMAIL ME
    klaas_jacob@hotmail.com or fri_klaas@yahoo.com ineeed also money shalom Klaas Jacob God blees you

  28. Shalom in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach Mosiach (Jesus the Christ)

    Please pray for peace between me and my wife i was helping yesterday my friend Moshe he wants to finishing his house soon as possible he is divorced and his wife take his three children. Pray for that. Pray also between me and my wife staying in Harmony. I had a conflict with her.
    Pray for the situation after the suicide of my mother for my stephfather.
    al the paper work tax and other things i must finishing pray for the tax inspectors. In good Harmony cansolved the problems. Pray for wisdom and forgivenes i forgive every body ride now and we cover ouer sel under the bloosd of Yeshua Hamasiach Mosiach. Pray to resist Hasjatan ( Satan).
    Thank you and Shalom God bless You in the namer of Jahwe

  29. Please pray for my cousin Luciano that childcare will give him to me and doing a miricle.
    My sister is budisth and demonic also her boyfriend . After the suicide of my mother lives my cousin Luciano by my sister he was for nine years raised by his grand grand parents. He sleeps in the room nearby were my mother hanged her self. The boy is rejected and i want him with my ethiopian wife name fri . My Nmae is Klaas Jacob . Please pray for my stephfather Chrit Everaers beacuse he wants to put me on police tryel because i hold his papers he is not capeble do that and i want to protected him he is outreaches at the moment. Pray for a solution for the bank debts that God will care to make it debt free.
    We need a paper that we are the l;eft behinded children and is no money the local authority mus t give it. Pary for the taxes that we have to pay that a good accountant can helping us for free because we have not mucch money. Pary that Chrit will recoverd. Pray taht Yeshua controle also all the arears of my family live and my inlaws. Pray for my live for a good job and for my singing carier
    and live hod and making good money. Pray for Moshe that his wife will coming back and also his five children.(family name Assor) Pray for money and fianacial miricle . Shalom Klaas Jacob in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach Mosiach.

  30. Im glad i found this site ,because i thought i diddnt know how 2 pray i was thinking it was a kind of a way u had 2 pray ,and from listening 2 u i found out that i was wrong god hears u no matter how u pray.i just thank u lord 4 everything that u do ,i thank u 4 wakeing me up and giveing me strenth 2 carry on ,thank u my heavenly father amen.

  31. Shalom in the name of Yeshua

    The Baillif want to take my money but by the difficult year i facing was and is it for me difficult to make money. Pray that i can pay by God grace everything . Thta i can talk with the baillif pary for a miricle.
    Pray for rebuilding my life with my wife financialy.. Pray that my cousin can come to my house. Pray for concentration and wisdom and inteligiance to handle things by the Holy Spirit. I must poaying my friends who helps me. Pray for a strong precense of Jahwe in my life. For my case with the lawyer. And also to restore my mistakes. Pray for peace in my family. Pray for my messianic singing carrier. Pray that i have enough money to live. Pray for my bankaccount that money will come and paeple will give. who is willing
    to give her is my name and Adres and Bank account:
    Name Mr KJ de Weert
    Adress:Abeelstraat number: 33
    Postalcode: 1741TH
    City: Schagen Telphone : 003161834204 /0031224799820
    Country: The Netherlands
    Bank Accontnumber: 690337493
    Name of bank: SNS Regiobank Schagen The Netherlands.
    I allready thank you and Shalom God Bless you

  32. Shalom in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach Mosiach>

    Please Pray for my mother she is out the mental hospital Burch Hasjem . Pray that she healed from parkinson.Also from mental diseas she is Jewish. Pray for my finances because i have to pay a lot if i have to short money also i must pay taxes pray that the money will come the family compagnie is stopped but ouer debtors must still paying us. Pray that we can get money,.. [Pray for my wife that she will more agreed with me and for a goodf marriage and a loan. My wife birtday was yesterday pray that Jahwe blessing her. Pray for my cases against some instites and authoritcal orgnisations. That i can win.Pray that i found my paers to get a loan. And also for my cousin Luciano that i can get
    him from childcare because my demonic sister and her boyfriend get her from child care pray that Luciano will come in my house. He is 8 yaers old Pray that i can pay every body who lending me money about the difficult situation can paying back pray for started succes full a new bissnes.
    Thank you and Baruch Hasjem Adonai in Yeshua HAMASICH

  33. Shalom in the name of Yeshua Hamasaich ouer Lord

    Prayb for my stephfather he is confused and going to strange places pray that God helps him.name Chri Everaers.
    Pray for that i have money to day that i can tomorow
    to a bissnes talk pray for a miricle.
    Pray for my cousin Luciano he is by my occultic sister i want to adopt the guy. hE IS 8 YEARS OLD.
    Pray for my mental sick mother that i have love for her she is also disable. Pary tha Jahwe heals her.
    Pary for my materials also my motor Ccle that i can repare it and my things were protected. Pray that my stephfater will eating daily. With me and my wife. Pray thay i have Luciano two days a weak. Shalom
    and Pray for my singing carrier. Also for that i can paying my taxes and that i stay onest.
    Ilove you kooks shalom Klaas Jacob de Weert

  34. Shalom inthe name iof Yeshua Hamasiach

    I dont now but my wife is not willing to cooperaited in everything.She is not reasonble. Pray for my wife free tah she is reasonble. I need money she not willig to working to gether. calle me Urgent

  35. Shalom in tyhe name of Yeshua HAMASAIACH

    My stephfather need money of a friend who wants to help him pray for i free wiling heart of Koos Tesselaar we need around 16000Euro. Pray that he will give as that Shalom in Yeshua Hamasiach

  36. Shalom Pray for the case between me and my wife a bgv fight passing. I stil will love her
    but she blaims me for a lot of things. Pary for the Taxes that i can pay everything and willing people to help me Shalom.

  37. my husband and i have been married for 5years but through out those years we had never enjoyed our marriage. We got married in december 2004, february 2005 he lost his job. We have been struggling since . This is tearing apart and at times i feel like getting out of this marriage. Please pray for him to find work so that he can provide for daughter. We constantly fight and most of the times we are arguing. Please pray for us and i should love and respect him as my husband. I wish we live inseparable together. God bless u and have eternal life .

  38. please pray for my husband to find work. This is really tearing us apart . We are deeply in financial problems . Please help us whth your powerful prayers . The earth is blessed to some one like you . God bless u

  39. please pray for my husband to find work. This is really tearing us apart . We are deeply in financial problems . Please help us whth your powerful prayers . The earth is blessed to some one like you . God bless u

  40. Shalokm in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach

    Please pray for agreement between me and my wife .(Name of my wife is fri).My say yesterday that she found it difficult to get my cousin. Last time she say when God give me i will llove him and take care. We have no children of ouer own and then you lving very free. My wife say you must change
    i will i am a different person when i have a kid but she dont believe me. Wew have different opinions about a lot of things but when we are with children than we unifed ouer self to gether . I was very angry against her. Pary for a better communication. I believe it is Gods will he comes and a miricle will hapen. Pary that i can dicus with my wife in agreement i found her some times a religion Hypocriet. She praying the Teusday and Thursday and hide her self in excuses and that is what i have against her, Of course prayer is important but also balans i am also not perfect. I warned my wife
    in the past that it is not good to be to religeus. But God is a living God she is a good wife also whe
    have a financial dis agreement prat that it will become Good iam Jewish Messianic and she Ethiopian jewish inhereted but also she believe Yeshua Hamasiach Mosiach.Pary for love and areement between me and my wife also for my 8 years old cousi(Name Luciano Gravestijn) because
    when Child Care will giving us that we unity and praying for her for a willing heart otherwise it will be
    not good between me and her. We are not fighting day and night but ouer communication must be better. Pray thatn she will follow the Shabbath and submit her self. By the wil of Hasjem she is a Sunday Christian me not. I dont give her permission to go to do sundays meetings. Maybe i must
    but after 15 years i am have a more controled line over her that she have to submit in some way she has a lot of freedom but she must follow her husband of course she has a right and that is her things she is not my slave . Pray for wisdom also for a change by my. Women likes when they were
    leadeth . But i love her but have a caracter problem with that lady alson my sex must be better. Thank you and Shalom in Yeshua Hamasaich

  41. I prayed so many time
    I have a problem in terms of money I did not have the money to the opportunities and I want my money and I want to help me meet my Lord and my prayer propaganda

  42. I’m requesting prayer for my family and me, I’m a single mom 2 kids 17,13 my 17 year old got in trouble with the police.money wise not looking hot at all. so I need prayer so God keeps me strong tru this times

    thanks and God blessed

  43. I prayed before there was an error.All I prayed was that I never want anymore to hurt us emotional that is what give human body’s there physical appearance is emotions.The people who hurt other people emotional is like killing and destroying I want to be guarded by angels I want to be guarded by GODS hand and what he wrote in the bible. Power of prayer which is stronger thoughts to the lord or speaking. Dear Lord I want to pray to you.Where are you in my prayers of thought and sight. AMEN

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