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As far back as I can remember I have loved books. My kids keep telling me I should give away all the books from when they were kids, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I want to give them to their children someday. I even hold on to magazines although I do at times toss some out or give them away. Here are some books that I enjoyed reading, perhaps you will too!


God’s Creative Power for Healing – Charles Capps (nonfiction, educational)

The Priest – Francine Rivers (christian fiction)

Hung by the Tongue – Frances P. Martin (nonfiction, educational)

The Dream Giver – Bruce Wilkinson (nonfiction, inspirational)

Your Best Life Now – Joel Osteen (nonfiction, devotional)

The Left Behind Series – Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins (christian fiction)

Deception Point – Dan Brown (fiction, suspense)

The Visitation – Frank Peretti (christian fiction, suspense)

The Battlefield of the Mind – Joyce Meyer (nonfiction, spiritual development)

The Joshua Series – Joseph Girzone (christian fiction)


Queen – (rock and roll)

Willie Nelson – Honeysuckle Rose Soundtrack (country)

Open The Eyes Of My Heart – (contemporary worship)

IONA – Beyond These Shores (progressive christian rock)

Songs 4 Worship – Shout to the Lord (contemporary worship)

Higher Ground – (all of their cd’s) (contemporary worship)

Chris Falson – I See The Lord ( progressive christian rock)

CeCe Winans – Alabaster Box (contemporary gospel)

The Doors (rock)

Sting – Brand New Day (pop rock)


The Phantom of the Opera (both the play and the movie)

Honeysuckle Rose

One Night With The King

The Da Vinci Code

The Bible Collection from Turner Home Entertainment

The Passion of the Christ


20 thoughts on “Books, CD’s & DVD’s

  1. I have been so blessed by”words of healing” scriptures in card form. How do I order the cards with scriptures on them…front and back of card? When we ordered something through day star….we were sent the cards and cd. I would also like to order the testimony of Dodi on cd. Thanks.

    1. Hello Shirley, thank you for visiting my blog. I believe you would want to go to Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen’s website for those cards and Dodi Osteen’s testimony. God bless.

  2. Thank you for the spiritual revivals you have med, u r realy changin lifes, am greatful 2 have hear ya sermon n be blesed, may God bless you, i wish 2 get your inspiritions via my email.

    1. Hello Charles, please note that this is my personal blog and is not affiliated with Joel Osteen’s ministry. I simply post various things for my readers. please visit their website which allows you to sign up for daily messages through your email. Take care and God bless you. ~Briggie

  3. I am wondering if the healing scriptures that Dodie read until healed are available on CD for one who cannot read and could repeat them after pausing the CD? Could you make such a CD making a pause after each so there would be time to pause the player? Thank you for a response.

    1. Hello Mary. I tried to search the internet and lakewood ministries website to find her scriptures on CD. I do not have the ability to record them onto a CD for you, or I surely do so. Perhaps if you went to their website and clicked contact us, you could request a CD version. I think it is a wonderful idea, perhaps they could even put it as a Podcast that you could download to your computer. Here is the link to their site – . May God bless you and keep you in His care. ~Briggie

  4. You are so right Briggie….and I really appreciate your sweet spirit. We are all affected by this world and need the grace of God daily. I am so grateful you put all these scriptures together and pray them daily as I stand for healing. Bless you

  5. I love your scriptures but am completely confused why you would include Queen and the Doors in your musical recommendations. They are not Godly in any way so a little baffled here. Otherwise, loving this site.

    1. Hello Chelsea and thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your comments. It is true that I list music I like that may not be Godly or Christian-like, I don’t listen to every song they put out there, but do enjoy some of their work. I have some book and movies that are also not what can be considered Godly or Christian-like. I ask God for His forgiveness and guidance and know that He loves me as I am. There are a lot of things out in the world that are not Godly, even though they claim to be so we must be aware and in prayer at all times. Again, thanks for visiting and sharing and may God bless you.

    2. chelsea ; you need not be confused it is all part of growing in Christ . This is my first visit here and I like this site . Yes Queen and the Doors are of the world , things will change. I take the words of the doors and Queen and the many so familiar rock songs and secular songs I have listen to in the past and been exposed to and revise them for the glory of God. I no longer listen to Queen or the Doors but when I do hear them I am able to revise the words and use the songs and words for God’s glory . We are all at different levels in our walk with Yeshua – Jesus Christ our great Salvation ( Messiah ) . From Queen ” we are the champions of the world ” ! The believers – those who trust in Yeshua as their personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ( The Church ) are the real Champions of the World ! Because of what God has done by sending His only begotten son to die on the cross for us ! John 3:16 ……. The band Queen never intended the song ( we are the champions ) to glorify God or to be Gospel , but as a follower of Yeshua you can take the words of any song and having the Holy Spirit turn a song to make it Glorify God. As I said – I no longer listen to Queen or the doors , and believer has their own Salvation to work out and we are under a time of Grace and not the Law . Paul does however ; mention many things about being in the world but not of the world, and to be careful in many ways of the snares of the devil. A scripture > Second Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear ,but of power ,love and a sound mind. God Bless ! From : Don Daniel Johnson Jr.

  6. Hello ~

    A friend of mine was just diagnosed with cancer throughout his entire body, including his brain. I’m in search of healing scriptures on CD. Please help.

    Thank you.

    Sharon Wyse

  7. dear br.joel and sr.victoria may our lord God and father blees you in the name of our savior Jesus Christ amen Isee and hear that your minstries is becaming much blessing for multitude throug out all over the world at last I want you to express my heart felt desire that i want to become partenr of your minstries sa the lord enables me that is why i have sent mailed to you two months befor i mean on feb.25 2010 including my 120 us dollar in request of the so call beyond limit both cd and DVD message however tow months passed since I can not recieved please write to me both by box mail and bye.mail address wether you recieved the cash payment or not

  8. Please cover me Raymond Richard Boswell in your prayers please. I am believing to go to Israel and Volunteer for a pastor in Israel, please pray for Abba Fathers will to be done, not my will but God’s will be done in Yeshua’s name. my hearts desire is to go to Israel and last night I found out that there is a pastor in Israel who is looking for a volunteer and I sms’d Aunt Esther to let her know that I can be the volunteer the pastor in Israel is looking for. Please cover me Raymond Richard Boswell in your prayers. I desire my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ to lift me up in prayer for my life and the things I say and do and the nations I visit. Abba Father hears every prayer through his son Yeshua and Abba Father loves hearing our voices because he wants a real personal relationship with each one of us and so I ask you please pray for me daily. Please if you would, please thank Jesus and Abba Father for their love and Goodness and Providence, in Yeshua’s name, amen, Raymond.

  9. dear Traci, so sorry I never replied to your comment, if you can’t find one on E-bay, I recommend going to one of Joel Osteen’s meetings if they come to your area, or you may be able to get one through their website.

    dear Daniel, I will go through some of my stuff and see what the postage cost would be and if it is not too expensive I will send you some things, finances are really tight these days.

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