Prayer Update – Praise Report Roxie McGeorgr

All praise and honor and glory to our God for His mercy and healing for Roxie. We just learned she made it through quadruple heart bypass surgery and is doing well. Thank you all for your prayers, may  God bless you and reward you for your faithfulness and prayers.  Keep praying that He continues to heal and restore Roxie and for strength for her and her family in Jesus’ matchless name.


Praise Report – Marge

I just received wonderful news from Doris that I can’t wait to share with you, and I want to thank each and everyone of you that visit this site, and pray for those listed.  I ask a special blessing from God for each of you that He bless you and keep you in His constant care.

Back in April I posted a prayer request for Marge. Praise God her husband has shared that she was given a clean bill of health from her doctor!  Of course we all know that the ultimate Doctor – Jehovah Rophe already knew what the outcome would be!  Her biopsy showed no cancer, praise God.  He is so awesome!  Doris and her family want to say thank you and God bless you, for all your prayers and well wishes.

Shout praises to God, Master of the Universe over all that is seen and unseen and give Him thanks and praise for all He does for us.


If you have a prayer request you would like me to share with our readers, please leave me a comment.  Indicate if you want the prayer to be private (I will reply to your email address and not post the comment) or public (I will post a request on my blog).  Remember, there is power in our words, and power in prayer and when two or more are gathered in His name in agreement on a thing, there is true anointing and power!

Praise Report From India

My dear brother in Christ Yeshua, Daniel, sent me this wonderful praise report and I wanted to share it with you.  Please continue to pray for India and the safety of those that choose to follow Christ.


*** Shalom Briggie,

Below is a report from Brian and Rabbi Scott Sekolow after a trip to India to visit the lost tribe of Manasseh.

I know Brian well and he is trustworthy in what he says.

Y’shua walked with this team!!!

It is like a page out of the Bible!

Love in Y’shua,



Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 12:41 AM

Subject: 1st report from Brian’s India Medical Mission trip

Shalom Dear Friends and Family,


I have gone and now have arrived safely home to Israel and my wife Racheli and three very happy kids, just a few days ago.  At the request of Jewish Voice Ministries, I joined them on this incredible ground breaking medical mission.  I was very fulfilled with all that the Lord has accomplished in  the last couple weeks in India.  I just wish I could have done more for this very poor Lost Tribe of Israel, the Jewish people of Bnei Menashe in Mizoram.  God definitely did ARISE through me and the team as we brought the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to bring and demonstrate the comfort and Good News of the Messiah Yeshua-(Jesus).

Again, just a little back round on the people we reached in India:

The Bnei Menashe number themselves among the ten northern Lost Tribes of Israel, scattered from 722B.C. with the Assyrian captivity.  Their tradition holds that they are the “Sons of Manasseh,” and they have a strong desire to return “home” to Israel. Several hundred Bnei Menashe have made aliyah (immigrated to Israel under the Law of Return) over the past few years, but many thousands still remain in two extremely remote and primitive regions along India’s northeastern border with Myanmar (formerly Burma).  Recently the Israeli government approved to bring the rest of Lost Tribe home to Israel over the next couple years.  This makes our impact and outreach even more meaningful.  Hallelujah!

After two days of aborted flights from Kolkota (Calcutta), due to the weather of monsoon season our group finally arrived.  Finally, what may have been a supernatural act, the entire group arrived in two flights.  Possibly supernatural because according to one report, literally as the plane landed, immense fog closed in right behind!  Literally, two hours after landing we went straight to work, setting up the clinic cubicles and started assessing and treating patients.  We had a Medical section, OBGYN section, Optical section, Dental section, Pharmacy section and an amazing Prayer and Intercession section.

The below praise reports are just a few of the Highlights I chose for now, reported from our prayer team although they are all precious.  I may share more in another email.

Our wonderful prayer team consisted of 3 people. A young girl named Moii, a local Jewish Believer from Mizoram was on the team as our interpreter.

We had a goal of providing health care to 3,000 people during this 5 day mission.  Praise God we were able to give medical, dental and eye care to 4,643 men, women and children. Everyone on the mission team is celebrating – this was a true miracle!
We prayed for everyone who came to us.
Moii volunteered to help us.  Her aunt and recently deceased uncle were the leaders of the Messianic Jewish Synagogue “Beth Israel”.  She was an incredible blessing to us, as she helped us to pray for the people God sent us.

Below are some of the real testimonies of what God did:

We prayed for a 10 year old boy who at the age of 2 years old fell out of  a tree.  He lost his sight and the ability to walk (8years) from that time till the day we prayed for him, in Yeshua’s Name.  He received prayer from Marie in Optical, she gave him glasses and then he was carried into the prayer room by his father.  Ministers prayed for his carriers back pain to go and it did!!! Then we prayed for the healing of Job (the 10year old) This boy walked in Yeshua’s Name.  We sent him back to Pediatrics to verify his healing. The video team came and recorded this event on photo.  As Job left the clinic he took off the glasses and returned to give them back because he said he didn’t need them anymore, “HE CAN SEE PERFECTLY!”   We saw Job again at the Orthodox Synagogue on Shabbat he had been taken care of by the people of the synagogue since his parents could not handle the 8 year burden of caring for him.  The Jews were amazed at what had happened to Job in Yeshua’s Name!!!  Job was beaming as he walked across the front of the temple in front of all the congregation.  Rabbi Scott Sekolow and I spoke that night about the power in Yeshua’s Name!!!  God is so loving, kind and good.

Job returned to show us his great improved sight and walking ability.  He received salvation in Messiah Yeshua and so did his mom.  Job’s mom had back, hip, and leg pain after prayer, the pain left.

97 year old man asked to have” sins forgiven” he received salvation in Yeshua.  He spoke about his parents being the first Christian wedding in Mizoram.  When asked about life before Christianity he said, we were all Jewish!”  He also said that the missionaries told them to NOT TELL ANYONE THAT THEY WERE JEWISH.  This man was very articulate in English.

Orthodox Jewish man (20’s) saved in Yeshua’s Name.

Then God healed the 19 year old sister of bilateral deafness.  They came into the prayer room sobbing and wailing.  They had just received the report that she would never hear again.  She had measles a month prior and had severe nerve damage.  The medical report we read said that she needed a miracle from God. She left with her hearing in both ears!!!  She was ecstatic and overjoyed at what God had done.  He saved her to the uttermost!!!  Oh the love of God, and the healing power of our beloved Messiah Yeshua!!!

A 14 year old boy, we called FAITH, who hadn’t walked in 9 years after an accident at 5 years old , had permanent spinal cord injury according to the doctors, a permanent disability.  Medical report he carried in said that he needed a MIRACLE.  He came in because he had seen Job walk, he said,” I want to walk!!!”  We prayed for him and in Yeshua’s Name, the boy walked!!! He was taken back to the doctors who saw him walk, the video team recorded his walking.   Also when he received his miracle the media from Mizoram were interviewing me and I was telling him about the miracles of God in the prayer room.  Then I turned to look at Faith and God had freed him from his malady and he got up and walked!!!!  The media man marveled at the power of God present to heal.

A 27 year old woman with congenital blindness, the medical report said she needed a miracle.  She received salvation and then was healed of her blindness.  She was beaten as a young girl for falling because her mom did not believe she couldn’t see. She saw her daughter for the first time after prayer. Oh the look on her face. She could not keep eyelids open, after prayer her eyes were fully open.

That same day a middle aged man was prayed for who had bowed legs from an accident in 1997, he needed a cane to walk and couldn’t walk stairs at all he was in horrible pain.  Prayed for him and he was healed in Yeshua’s Name.  He was walking without a cane and he CAN DO STAIRS. He left pain free and very happy.

Another older man that day came in with knee and ankle pain, he could not climb stairs because of the pain.  He had watched as the first man was healed and left without his cane.  He came in and said that he wanted to be healed also.  He too left pain free and totally healed, able to climb stairs. There are lots of stairs in Mizoram!!! Halleluyah Yeshua!!!

A girl (20) who had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was led to salvation in Yeshua’s Name and we watched as Yeshua straightened out her crooked bent legs and she was able to WALK and said she “felt free!!” Yeah Yeshua!!

There were 45 salvation’s and many healings and miracles as you have just read.  We prayed for many that we believe were healed progressively. It was an amazing experience to minister to these humble, loving, kind, gentle, beautiful Jewish and Gentile people.
Clip of Brian talking to children from “HIV Children’s Home” at clinic in Mizoram, India.

Clip showing crowds of Mizoram Jews lining up to receive help in the medical clinic.

All these wondrous things and more could not have been possible without the sincere prayers and sacrificial giving of YOU our wonderful friends and partners of ours.  We are deeply thankful for your support and want you to know how greatly your blessings were received by people in need here in Mizoram.

Now having this great connection with the Jewish Community in Mizoram, being that we live in Israel, we do plan on searching out those from India that Israel has already brought home to Israel.  What a blessing that would be to them to share pictures of their relatives and share testimonies of what God did during my visit in their villages. Please pray for this.

Racheli and I continue the work the Lord has called us to here in Israel, reaching the lost, poor and needy with Yeshua (Jesus).  Again, we could not do this with out your faithful support and prayers.  If the Lord has spoken to your heart and blessed you through the work of His hand in my testimony, please consider how you can continue to support us until “All Israel will be saved”!

To God be the glory, great things He has done.

Brian, Racheli, Raz, Amichai and Moriya

Saving Lives in Israel

P.S.-Please pray a special healing for our son Amichai as the day before I returned home, he was playing in the park and ran into a pole and broke his head open.  The doctors in the ER said he should be o.k. and glued his head back together.  I told Amichai, not to worry that Yeshua would heal him and he said “Yeshua has already healed me”.  Child like faith, ya gotta love it.  He is 4 1/2yrs. old
Am Israel Chai-(The People of Israel Live)

Praise Report – Kiarah

I was just about ready to shut down my computer and go to bed when I felt the Lord telling me to check my email.  So, I went into my email and found this awesome news from my dear friend Doris about the little girl, Kiarah, we’ve been praying for.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  Thanks to everyone who comes to this site and prays for those listed.  I truly believe God will bless you for your faithfulness.  Now for the praise report:


Dear Briggitte,

Great news about the little girl in NJ that had kidney cancer and it had spread to her lungs.

PRAISE GOD!  THE LORD HAS DONE IT AGAIN!  Along with every person’s prayers for Kiarah.  She is cancer free and let’s pray she stays that way.  Had to let you know as soon as I found out.  Thanks so much for all the prayers that helped save this little angel.  God Bless,


Praise Report!!!

Okay, so by now, most of you know that God answered our prayers to approve Ian’s college loan, and that He did not answer my prayer to get the job I interviewed for last Wednesday.

You also know that my update from Monday was filled with sorrow and hurt but all the while I knew the Holy Spirit was telling me that God is in control.

I received so much encouragement via email, phone and comments here on my blog, and I am so very truly thankful for everyone that has kept me and my family in their prayers. 

I wanted to let you know that Yes, God is in control, He always has a plan, and when He closes one door, He opens another, we must remain hopeful and have faith in Him.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I decided that I had cried and mourned enough and I needed to continue searching for a job.  As I was searching the web, I received a phone call from a company I applied to (days before I applied for the other job I didn’t get) and they were interested in interviewing me, was I still interested in the position…Uhm, let me think for a moment…YES!!! (even though I wasn’t sure what position this one was for, where it was or what the company did, because I had literally applied to about 50 jobs online in the past few weeks).

She told me the starting salary (which granted is half what I made with my former employer – but most likely it’s also half the amount of stress and half the travel time and since right now I’m not bringing in anything, half sounds just fine to me!)

She told me they would be meeting with several other applicants over the next 2 weeks and gave me some options for interview dates, I picked today, this way it wouldn’t be too early, and not to far into the process either.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t too excited and didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I didn’t tell anyone aside from my husband, kids and my mom.  I almost didn’t go because I was not able to get to sleep last night (the menopause is raring it’s ugly head again) and a headache that started yesterday was gaining momentum.  I hemmed and hawed and tossed the idea of rescheduling, or not even calling them, but all the while I felt something urging me to get up, have my coffee and get my butt in the shower.

So, I got ready, got my paperwork together and headed out the door with a ‘oh well, what have I got to loose’ attitude.  When I pulled up to the building, I felt as though I didn’t stand a chance, this place just seemed too cutting edge and the fact that I’d been out of the loop for a few years made me feel as though I was wasting their time, but through the doors I went.

After introducing myself to the receptionist, I was given what looked like 10 sheets of paper to fill in.  This, and the fact that I noticed a few other “visitors” that had been there the past few days that were there for interviews set my nerves to high alert.  I started filling in the paperwork, made stupid errors, like putting information on the wrong line – duh – and then as I finished page 2, noticed the other papers were not for me, but for other applicants.  Great, just great, now I know this isn’t going to go well and figured if nothing else, at least I was up early and dressed!

I met one of the managers, great guy, very nice, easy going and I felt like I made a good impression on him.  (before I forget, let me interject here – if you use Monster or Yahoo or any other online job search, make sure your profile is up to date and correct.  it appears mine was from 2006, and said I was looking for a position as a Supervisor/Manager which I while I was back then, I’m not right now, so this probably explains why I probably haven’t gotten any return phone calls!!!)  Well, I guess I did make a good impression, because he wanted me to meet his director and she too was so nice, easy going, up front, business savvy and smart and I really enjoyed talking with her.  I felt like we connected and she said I should be hearing from them sometime next week.

I left feeling much better than when I arrived and I could see myself working there.  It’s such a nice building, everyone seemed so friendly and happy to be there.

Well, I drove home thinking if I get it great, if not, no problem – except for the traffic because their office is just a few blocks from the NJ Turnpike which gets a ton of traffic.  I called my hubby and told him it went good and I should know in a few days, then when I got home, I told my sons about the interview.  About 20 minutes after I got home, the phone rang, my son picked it up and handed it to me.  I asked who it was and saw on the caller ID it was the company.  Oh my gosh…could it be??  So soon??  Oh yes it could, they offered me the job and wanted to know if I needed a few days to consider the offer!!!  Hmmm, uhmmm, how about NO I don’t need time to think it over and YES I want the job!  Their next question, when can I start?  My answer, what time do you want me there I’m only 15 minutes away!! 

I start Tuesday!  Can you believe it?  I can!  PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSING FLOW!  He had His plan all along, I let my plans get in the way.  Granted, I won’t be able to walk to this job, but even with traffic it was only a 15 minute ride, and this place is so much bigger and there is room for advancement and the benefits are excellent (at least the ones I know about so far) and I’m just so excited – can you tell?

How awesome is God?  This is where the song, “sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers” starts playing in my head, followed by, “God is in control”, along with some, “yes Lord, yes Lord, yes yes Lord” and  rounded out with “our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above, with Wisdom, Power and Love, our God is an awesome God!!!!!!!!!”

So, I said all this to say, for those of you out there who are saying, “when God, when?”, know that He does hear you and has a plan for you.  It is in His time.  On Monday, I did not want to hear these words, even though I heard them in my spirit.  It’s okay to cry out to God, to tell Him how you feel and let yourself mourn for a bit.  It’s important to remember that while you are crying and mourning that He is in control and to submit your will to His.  He will give you beauty for ashes, and joy for your tears (Isaiah 61:3).

Stay encouraged, reach out to friends and fellow believers and grab the hem of His garment and don’t let go!

Father, Master of the Universe, Creator of all things seen and unseen, I humbly thank You and praise You for blessing me with this new job.  I thank You for blessing Ian with his college loan so he can continue his education.  You have blessed me and my family in so many other ways this past week and for so many years, no words could ever express my joy and thanks.  Help me Lord to seek You first and to remain hopeful and stand in faith that no matter what I see, what I hear or think, You and You alone are in control, have my best interests at heart and want to bless me.  Lord, help those who cry out to You and bless them according to Your will and riches in heaven, in Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

Urgent Prayer Request – Update

This past Wednesday, I reached out to you in prayer for myself (will have news on Monday) and for Ian, a close friend of my son Jarrett, and a young man who is like a son to my husband and I.

I asked you to pray and ask God to blind the loan officers to our poor credit rating as we co-signed his school loan and we just learned that God answered our prayers.

As each day passed and we did not hear any word on the outcome, my thoughts would wander and I had to constantly remind myself that God had it under control and it would be according to His will if the loan was approved or not.  I was so overcome with emotion that tears streamed down my face as I listened to the voicemail from Ian thanking us for helping him and how much he appreciated our support.  My thoughts went immediately to God thanking Him because I knew that if it were up to man, we would face defeat.   

All praise, honor, glory and blessing be unto God, Master of the Universe, Creator of all things seen and unseen, who sits upon the throne and reigns over all the earth.  I thank each of you for your prayers and pray that God blesses you according to His riches and Glory in heaven.


Praise Report – Jose

I know I haven’t really put much information about Jose’s condition on my blog but thank you to everyone who has kept us in prayer.

Back in April Jose had a large mass removed from his neck.  We were told it was malignant so he had to have a Pet Scan to see if the cancer spread and a Bone Marrow biopsy to see what stage it was in.  We were told he had Stage 1 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and would probably need chemo and radiation therapy.

Today we met with the Oncologist and were told that even though they thought the Lymphoma had spread, there is no trace of Lymphoma in his body and he will only need a small amount of radiation therapy at the site where the mass was.

PRAISE GOD, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!  I thank Him for His faithfulness and ever loving care.  He is so awesome.  I can’t tell you in words how we felt when we heard this news today.  We put our faith in God to heal Jose in whatever way He chose, and to hear that he will not need chemo is such a blessing. 

I know the affect chemo has on the body and I also know that everyone responds differently to it; so I was bracing myself for the worst case scenario.  To know that our lives will not be turned upside down and that Jose can move forward in treating other health issues without worrying about Lymphoma is a HUGE blessing.

Thank you Jehova Rophe for Your healing touch and mercy.

Praise Report Amiel Ortiz

I haven’t had any additional information on Amiel for sometime but today I received an email from my friend in Christ, Daniel which along with some disturbing news had this update on Amiel.

Thanks to everyone that has been lifting Amiel and his family up to the Lord.  I know that God will bless you for your diligence and your prayers.

I am excited to see what God has in store for Amiel and for the body of Christ, all I do know is that God will be glorified!  So, here is the update on Amiel from, “The Voice of Martyrs”.


Pastor’s Son Recovering after Bomb Attack – VOM Sources
Praise God! Amiel Ortiz, the teenage son of Messianic Pastor David Ortiz, is recovering after he was seriously injured when a bomb delivered to the family’s home in the Jewish settlement went off in his hands. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts, Amiel’s father reports, “We checked out of the Schneider Children’s Hospital last week after a six-week stay, eight days in the ICU and the rest on the children’s floor. Ami received excellent care from the doctors and nurses in that hospital, but in response to prayer from the four corners of the earth, Ami has been healing at a rate that is extraordinary The plastic surgeon that worked on Ami said that in his 15 years of experience, he had never seen such extensive wounds. He said he has at least 100 pieces of shrapnel in his body from his head to his feet, which his body is slowly bringing up under the surface of the skin, which will come out by themselves.” Pray for Amiel’s continued recovery as he has transitioned into a rehabilitation center. Pray specifically for both eardrums to be restored, for him to regain use of his hands and arms, and healing for the burns and scars on his body. Also for the emotional healing for Amiel and his family, and for those responsible for the attack to be brought to justice. Ask God to give this family strength to forgive their attackers. 1 Corinthians 1: 3-5

A Clean Mammogram – Praise God

Last year this time I was taking all kinds of pre-tests in preparations for my Gastric Bypass.  One of the things I had to take care of was my annual Mammogram, which was about 2 years over-due.  I hate, no, I detest having to get this done. 

I am very large breasted and though they have gotten smaller with the weight loss, they are still big.  I hate that I have to try and stand there while the technician has to pull and push and move and stretch my “girls”, then watch her flatten them beyond recognition anywhere from 6-8 times and then pray that the films come out okay so we don’t have to submit to a command performance and do it all over again. 

I’ve never worried about breast cancer, no one in my family has it so it never crossed my mind that I would ever hear the words, “we’ve found something and need to take more films”. 

Well, last year, I was told they found a small lump and wanted to take care of it right away.  What??? Wait a minute, you found what?  Well, things happened so fast, one minute I was having more films taken and the next I was speaking to a Breast Surgeon.  A BREAST SURGEON!!!  I was still trying to funnel all this in and now they were talking about finding not one lump but two and they were connected and peanut shaped and they tend to present cancer when they’re shaped like this and it’s best to just remove them and biopsy them rather than have to biopsy them and then find you have to remove them so let’s get the procedure scheduled today………Uhm, uh, wha-, uh, who, uhm, huh?

Now I have another reason to hate my breasts.  Well, the good news here is that they do a Needle-Loc prior to removing the lumps.  This procedure involves them taking digital pictures of the breast to locate the lump(s), then they mark the spot with a laser, insert a needle where the lump(s) are which makes it easier for the surgeon to locate them and then they take more digital pictures to make sure the needle is in position.  All was going great, they took the shots, found the lumps, inserted the needle and took more shots but couldn’t find the lumps anymore.  They were all pretty much amazed – they were there one minute, we all saw them, and then they were gone!  They checked and re-checked and checked again and no lumps – PRAISE GOD!!  Everyone was shouting and excited and saying it was a miracle and how wonderful it was that I didn’t have to go through with the surgery and wasn’t I so happy!!??  Happy, I was floating!  I was told I would have to have follow-up Mammo’s every six months, but since it was only the left one that would be a walk in the park. 

Well, the first follow-up showed the lumps had returned.  This didn’t dampen my spirits, it just put me back into caution mode.  They had me go back 3 months later and that follow-up showed the lumps were still there, but there was no change in size or shape so they determined that I could resume annual check-ups and would just take extra films of the left breast to make sure nothing significant happened, which brings me to today. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find they had upgraded to digital machines which means less tugging and pressing and immediate results!  She took the first set (one on each side) and she was gentle and quick.  Then she took the second set which was a tiny bit uncomfortable but nothing compared to past experiences.  She wanted to take one more shot of the left breast, but not because of the lump – it was because since I’ve lost so much weight (apparently a lot of it in my boobs) there was extra skin that caused a shadow and she wanted to get a better shot.  Well, that went off without a hitch and when I asked her how the lumps looked, she said – “what lumps?”  I said “the ones in my left breast!”  She invited me to check out the monitor and guess what – NO LUMPS!  The images were so clear and there was no denying it – the lumps are GONE!  PRAISE GOD, THANK YOU JESUS! 

I don’t have to go back until February 2009 and since they’ve gone digital, I’m not dreading making that appointment or keeping it for that matter!!

Father, Master of the Universe from Whom all blessings flow, thank you for  my healing.  Thank you for Your grace and mercy and for all You are doing in my life.  I give You all the glory and honor and praise and know that You are in control over every area of my life and give You permission to use me as You see fit.

Steve Weinerman Praise Report

To quote my friend Doris, PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD!

We just found out that Steve’s biopsy came back negative for cancer!  He is cancer FREE!!!!!!  Apparently, the “hot spots” that showed up on the tests were residuals from the treatments and nothing more.  This means that he’ll be able to move into the house and set up his workshop and he and Rita can move on with their lives and enjoy each other!  This is such wonderful news and God is so awesome and I can’t thank everyone enough for their prayers!

There is Power in Prayer and God totally rocks!!  I know I sound lame, but I’m just speechless and awe struck by God1

Go Jesus, Go Jesus!!!!

I Need Peace – Update

So, you may or may not have read my post from Tuesday the 11th, entitled I Need Peace.  Long story short, I had a really bad day and anything that could go wrong, did.

Well, I  have a praise report for you!  Let me first give thanks to God from whom all blessings flow, and for all your prayers for my family.  The very next day, Wednesday the 12th, God honored our prayers and blessed us with the return of my daughters cell phone and her clarinet. (to clarify about the clarinet, her original clarinet was not returned, however her band director gave her a replacement which is even better than the one she had, and it’s a wooden one which was important to her)  I know I should have posted this sooner and I beg your forgiveness, but it has been a very hectic week!

God wants to bless us and see us prosper.  It pleases Him to see us happy and free from stress and worry.  The moment I let go of the situation, He was able to set things in motion.

I also wanted to tell you that I have been able to sleep without the use of the melatonin for the past 3 nights.  How awesome is that?  It’s so good to know that if I need it, I can use it and I won’t become dependant on it.

 God is good, all day, every day!!!


Please, please, please forgive me for being soooo late in posting this most wonderful praise report.  Thanks to your prayers and God’s plan for my daughter, she got the job at CHOP!  She’s almost done her 90 day probationary period and she loves working there.

To top everything off, she recently moved to Phila. and into a new apartment with her boyfriend Chris (he’s such a great guy and so good for Daniele, we all love him a bunch) and she is so happy.

I’ve told everyone that I believe Chris will propose sometime this year and they will end up getting married in 2 years –  call it a mother’s intuition!

I’m Still Here!

I know I haven’t put up a post in some time, and I haven’t been keeping in touch with my friends and for that I truly apologize.  Now let me say this, God answers prayer!!  My husband went into the hospitial for surgery shortly after my last post and things have been hectic to say the least.  Thanks to everyone that lifted up our family in prayer during this trial.  We are finally starting to get back to our normal routine and my husband is doing great!  He gets stronger every day and in a few more weeks he’ll be able to drive again!  He’s doing much better than expected, Praise God!!  We have a lot to be thankful for.  My son Justin has been home since the surgery and I am so happy.  I don’t know what I would have done if he wasn’t here for us.  He took me to the hospital every day, made sure Tylar was getting to and from school, kept the house in order and made sure we ate!  He also spent 2 days sanding and painting my bathroom (it looks bebeautiful!), power-washed the house, the car, cleaned up the front lawn, and lots lots more.  I am so blessed, there are no words to express how I feel.  God is truly working His miracle in our lives.  I have been trying to get approved for Bariatric surgery through my insurance company but have been turned down.  When I had no other options I decided to get an attorney and just before I submitted the paperwork and payment to the lawyer, my insurance company sent me a letter stating they overturned their decision and approved me.  That my friend was nothing but the Power of God!!!  God makes a way and HIS decision is the final word, not man’s!!!  Please continue to lift my family up in prayer as I am scheduled for surgery June 28th.  I am excited and nervous and have put myself completely in God’s hands because I know I am nothing and can do nothing without Him for if my God is for me, no one can be against me!


Just wanted to give everyone an update, we’ve heard that Jim is doing well.  God answers prayer!  It may not be when we want it, or how we want it – we must have FAITH that God will be glorified and in His infinite wisdom knows what must be done.


I just got word that Cindy is doing fine, Praise God.  This is wonderful news and another testimony to God’s healing power and love for His children.  Let us pray that Cindy continues to grow stronger and that she will be a living testimony to the power of prayer.


We serve an awesome and loving God!  Daniele got the job!!!  Praise God!  Not only did she get the job, God blessed her with a bigger salary than she asked for.  HOW GREAT OUR GOD IS!!  His desire is to bless us abundantly above and beyond what we could ever think or ask.  Thank you for keeping Daniele in prayer these past few weeks.  We are so happy and excited we cannot put it into words.  Thank you Jesus, and may You be glorified through this wonderful gift.