Sites 2 C

Here as sites that I like to visit. New sites to my list are highlighted in yellow. Have fun and if you find any cool sites not listed here, please shoot me a comment and give me the URL so I can check it out!! God Bless you all. briggie ^i^

Benny Hinn Ministries

Bishop Salamat Khokhar

Jewish Holidays…
Christian Bible Studies
Christianity Today

Debbie White

He Aint Through With Me Yet
I Was Made For This
Joel Osteen Ministries
Lakewood Ministries…
Judeo-Christian Studies…
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Our Daily Bread
Rest In The Light Of Prayer
The Nazarene Way of Essenic Studies
The Restored Church Of God
Today’s Christian Woman
When The Words Won’t Come…
Who Am I In Christ?
Woodlands Junior School
World Bible School
Zola Levitt Ministries


4 thoughts on “Sites 2 C

  1. Please pray the internet at work will work again immediately so we can process the weekly payroll and all will be paid this Friday. Thank you and God bless you and your family too.

  2. im not sure i am in the right place for a prayer request, but i need someone to help me pray for my healing.i have metastatic uterine and ovarian cancer. this is the 3rd time it has came back, and among other places,its in my liver, so this is quite the emergency. i want so badly to see my 2 beautiful grandkids grow up.please, someone help me. i know God will heal me,i just need someone to stand and agree with me.God bless you. debra stevens

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