“You’ve got Cancer” – WHAT???

So, I’ve been dealing with something that has truly flipped me upside down, but haven’t really shared it with many outside of my inner circle. I feel now is a time that I’m ready to say what I’ve wanted to say, so here goes – it’s long….

What a difference a year makes. Around this time last year, I noticed something a bit off so I got a GI Dr., and scheduled a much overdue Colonoscopy. Fast forward to July last year. Bombarded with the news it was not a polyp or hemorrhoids, it was Cancer. Stage 4 CRC with Metastasis to my Liver.  

I sure as heck wasn’t expecting that news. Game changer for sure, life altering sh*t, literally. My life was turned upside down in a matter of minutes, and it’s been a rollercoaster ever since.  

Cancer is a life changing experience, no matter what kind of Cancer you have, or what Stage you are. You plan your day around how you feel when you wake up. And there are many days when your plan changes moment to moment. You miss out on so many things, and it’s very easy to slip into depression.  

If you have a family member, friend, or neighbor with Cancer, please don’t hit them with the, “You’re a fighter, you got this!”, or “Stay strong”. Just be there for them. I know it’s hard to hear this kind of news, and the knee jerk reaction is thoughts and prayers or the “they’ve made so many advances in Cancer treatment, you’ll be fine”. UGH….Just listen to them. Tell them you are there if they need a shoulder, or a helping hand, go over and give them a hug, send them some flowers or a meal, tell them it’s okay to cry, be angry, sad, crazy, all the feels. Just be there for them because in my own humble opinion we don’t need cheerleaders, we need to be heard. 

Cancer sucks – big time! We all know this, but until you are faced with it, you just don’t know how bad it sucks. Cancer is hard on the person with it, their family, their friends – we all feel helpless most days. It’s scary because the truth is, the questions you want answered most of the time they can’t answer – it’s the fear of the unknown that I struggle with, especially because I’m a Type A Sagittarius who just wants to take charge, get things done, and fix whatever is broken.  

Problem is, most of my life, I’ve been fixing and helping everyone but me. I put myself at the back of the bus because that’s how I’m wired – take care of everyone else first then I’ll focus on me…Yeah, right…

Get a huge support system around you – DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!!! Get a cleaning crew to take care of the household cleaning – I did, love my gals Kassy and Franchesca – Klean Freaks. Get rid of things that don’t serve you anymore – just let it go, it’s so freeing. Make a space that allows you to just be at peace – a happy place. Get help with meals – my Sister in Law Wanda Cruz is a Saint – she makes my hubby meals so I don’t need to. Love her! 

Talk to your nurses – they are a wealth of information and support – sometimes – actually most times they’re more helpful than your Oncologist or their team. Find a support group, get a therapist – do it – trust me. You need someone other than family or friends to unload what you’re going through because it’s hard on them too.

Give yourself grace – find your peace – love yourself – try to laugh – put your barefoot on the ground and feel the healing and strength from the Universe – every day try to do one thing that brings you joy, and trust me I know there are days when that feel insurmountable/impossible, it’s ok, try the next day – again, give yourself grace.

Urgent Prayer Request – Rev. Douglas Deer

Dear prayer partners, I received an email from a sister in Christ who has asked that we pray for Rev. Douglas Deer and share with others to lift him up in constant prayer.  We know the power of prayer, and submit to God’s will in all things.
Dear Prayer Warriors:
I am asking for your earnest  prayers for our former pastor Rev. Douglas Deer.  He has been in critical care at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston with HEART issues and is on machines and kept sedated.  His family has kept vigil and are singing hymns to him.  He has some kind of internal bleeding and has multiple transfusions. Doctors are trying to slowly change medicines, but his body is weak.  Several operations have not worked.  Doug has been a faithful servant  to GOD and devoted his life to ministry. We feel that God has more work for him to do and KNOW that Doug is in God’s hands. Remember that a Prayer Chain is the strongest Chain there is…our lips to God’s ears and our hearts united to bring health and healing to Doug’s HEART!  Let’s seek God’s will for a miracle and pray for Susan and Doug’s family and for his Doctors and Nurses.  Thank you for your attention and prayers…now is the time for Doug to turn the corner to recovery.  Yours in Christ,  Gail

Urgent Prayer Request – Aris Manahan

Dear prayer partners, please include Aris in your daily prayers.  My dear friend Doris has asked that we pray for him as he battles with depression.  He is a young student in California, and he is just very down about himself.  His mother is very concerned, and is trying to get others involved to help him.  We know the enemy is a liar, and wants our youth under his control, but our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, has paid the price for all of us. I pray for the blessing of peace and joy over this young man.  May the Holy Spirit hold and comfort him and may the peace of our Lord be upon him in the name of Jesus, amen.

Urgent Prayer Request – Michael

Dear prayer warriors, my dear friend Doris has asked me to place her friend Michael on the prayer list.

Michael has recently been diagnosed with MS, and spent a long time in the hospital.  He is home, however his health is deteriorating rapidly and he is now losing his sight.  This has led them to believe that something else may be going on with his health that they are not aware of.

Father God, Master and Creator of the Universe, You, Abba Father know Your son Michael.  We come before You and ask for Your mercy and grace to fall upon Michael.  Place Your healing hands upon him and heal him according to Your will and plan Father. Bless him Father with doctors and caregivers that will properly diagnose him and treat him. Give Michael and his loved ones Your peace that surpasses all understanding.  May he lean upon You Father for strength, courage, and comfort.  Give him joy and let Your praises fill his lips.  We thank You Father for all You have done, and all You will do.  We ask all this in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, amen.

Urgent Prayer Request DeWayne & Shirley Williams

Dear prayer partners, my dear friend Doris is asking that we please pray for DeWayne and Shirley Williams.

Lord, we thank You for the continued healing of Shirley Williams after the three (3) strokes she endured.  Father, we ask You to continue to strengthen her as she now must be caregiver to her husband DeWayne.  DeWayne underwent double knee replacement surgery.  Jehovah Rophe we ask that Your healing be swift for DeWayne so that he and Shirley can help each other continue to heal after all they have endured.  We also pray that You continue to heal Shirley so that she can care for DeWayne and so that they can both have days of health and joy.

I ask these things in the name of Your only Son, Jesus, amen.

Urgent Prayer Request Michael Davis

Dear prayer warriors, my dear friend Doris has asked us to send healing prayers to her friend Michael.  He is in the hospital with a hole in his colon and intestines.  Doctors think he may need Ostomy surgery.  I pray for peace over Michael and his friends and family during this stressful time.  Jehovah Rophe we come before You and humbly ask You to place Your hands upon Michael and heal him according to Your plan and will. Lord, give Michael courage to listen and hear what the doctors have to say, and if necessary seek second opinions, but first and foremost seek You Lord.  Give his caregivers Your wisdom to diagnose and treat him, and compassion to make him comfortable and peaceful.

May God richly bless those who stand in prayer for those who seek His blessings and healing.

I ask all these things in the precious name of Jesus, amen.

Urgent Prayer Request – Dawn

Dear prayer partners I am writing to ask you to pray for my friend Dawn.  Recently she was diagnosed with A-Fib, Atrial Fibrillation.  This is such a shock as you would never think that she was in anything but perfect health.  She is such a sweet and kind person, so soft spoken, always has a kind word, looks for the best in everyone, and has such a true and kind heart.  I know that God has brought us together, and that He has given me such a wonderful gift in her friendship.

Please lift her up to the Lord for healing.  I pray that Jehovah Raphe places his healing hands upon her and restores her heart to perfection.  I pray that the Holy Spirit comforts her and her family and places a blanket of peace over them. I pray the the blood of Jesus which runs through her body sending healing and restoration throughout.  I pray that Dawn is showered with love and support from her family, friends, and loved ones.

May God richly bless each and everyone who comes to this blog and submits prayer requests and those who are faithful to pray for others.


Urgent Prayer Request – Marge Wood

Dear sisters and brothers in Yeshua, please lift up Marge before our Lord, Jehovah Rophe for healing. She has suffered a stroke and is being transferred from the hospital to get rehabilitation.

Pray for her family and friends to have strength and peace as the healing continues to take place.

May the Lord place His hands upon Marge and those around her giving them comfort and peace. May He heal her according to his will and purpose.

May Yeshua richly bless each of you for your continued prayers and faithfulness.


Urgent Prayer Request -Mike Verdin

Dear prayer warriors, my friend Doris has asked that we please lift Mike up in prayer before the Lord.  He is a diabetic and suffered a massive heart attack.  He is in the hospital, doctors had to put in 2 stints and there is a clot on his brain that they are trying to dissolve.

Father God, Master and Creator of the Universe, place Your healing hands upon Mike to dissolve the blood clot, and heal him from the heart attack, diabetes, and any complications that resulted from the heart attack.  You Lord, are Jehovah Rophe, our healer.

Give the doctors Your wisdom to treat him, and give the nurses and staff Your compassion as they care for him.

Holy Spirit, place Your arms around Mike and his family and comfort them in this difficult time.  Lord, send Your angels to watch over them, and may Your peace fall upon them and give them rest.

While we pray that Mike be healed, we also pray that Your will be done Lord, and I ask for a special blessing for each and every person who is faithful and lifts Mike and his family up in prayer.

We give You thanks and praise and ask these things in the name of Your only Son, Jesus, amen.


Prayer Request – DeWayne Williams

Dear prayer partners, I’ve been asked to put DeWayne on the prayer list by his cousin and a dear friend of mine, Doris.

He is going to see a specialist as there is something not quite right with his aorta.  He has been a huge support to his wife Shirley through her health ailments, and they both need  our prayers.

DeWayne and Shirley both know the power of prayer and are thankful for all prayers.

Father God, Master and Creator of the Universe, You know the needs of DeWayne and Shirley.  Your will is perfect Lord and You know the plans that You have for them.  I pray Jehovah Rophe, place Your healing hands upon them and bless them.  Give  them strength and peace.  Send The Comforter as they wait to  hear from the doctors.  Send Your angels to their side to guard and protect them. Send people their way that can help them in their day to day needs.  We give You all praise and honor and thanksgiving Lord, in Jesus precious name.

Urgent Prayer Request – Doris

Dear prayer partners and warriors.  I received a phone call this morning from a longtime friend and sister in Christ, Doris.

She is in the hospital and undergoing several tests to determine why she is feeling so poorly.  So far they have not been able to pinpoint what is wrong, however, they continue to search for the answer.

Doris knows and loves Jesus, she knows the power of prayer and she has asked that we lift her up in prayer.

Father God, Master and Creator of the Universe, Jehovah Rophe, we come before you and lift Doris up to you Lord.  Give the doctors Your wisdom and knowledge, heal Doris as You see fit Lord, for Your ways are perfect. Send The Holy Spirit to comfort Doris and give her peace and strength. Surround Doris with caregivers that know Your heart Lord, and have compassion and kindness in their hearts.

Father, when Doris is feeling alone, fill her room with Your presence, when she is feeling weak, give her Your strength. We ask these things in the mighty and matchless name of Your only Son, Jesus Christ, amen.


My thoughts on the recent events…

Senseless violence is senseless regardless of the color of one’s skin, religious or sexual preference or belief system. Violence has a ripple effect and it touches everyone around it, kinda like the way tossing a pebble into a calm pool of water causes ripples which spread out further and further until eventually the calm is restored. One day we will all stand before our Creator, we will give an account for what we did and did not do while on this planet. If you are blessed enough to be alive right now, these are the choices before you: 1) be part of the problem. 2) be part of the solution. 3) do nothing. The choice is yours, but remember, we are not immortal, tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone and no one gets out of here alive. Think on this; are you the pebble, the pool of water or the calm?


Urgent Prayer Request – Laura Rusk

Dear prayer warriors, I am asking you to come together and reach out to anyone in your prayer circle to pray for Laura.  I worked with her for many years, and our mutual friend Doris, who also worked with Laura and became very close to her, has told me that she has cancer and it has spread.  Laura always has a smile on her face and just exudes joy and happiness.  You can’t help but smile when you are around her.

Please pray that God gives Laura peace, and His strength, and the will to fight this horrible disease.  She has overcome this before, but now that it has returned it has weakened her physically, emotionally and spirtually.    We know that God has His plan for each of us, and we know that He is the ultimate Healer.  Laura believes in prayer and has asked us to pray for her.

Abba Father, Master and Creator of the Universe, Jehovah Rapha, we come before you and kneel at Your feet, and ask that You look upon Your daughter Laura, and heal her of this cancer.  Place Your hands upon her and strengthen her.  Give her Your peace which surpasses all understanding.  Send Your angels to stand guard over her.  Give Your wisdom to the doctors and nurses so they care for her.  Send the comforter to her and give her rest and peace.  Place people around her that will pray for her.  May Your joy be with her and may she look to You Father for guidance, and strength.

The blood of Jesus blood flows through each of us bringing healing and life.  We pray the blood of Jesus over Laura and ask You Father, to bless her, and that Your will be done in the name of Your precious Son who died so that we may have life everlasting, amen.




Update – Prayer Request Jose

Dear prayer partners, it has been long overdue that I update you on how my husband is doing.  I thank each of you for your prayers and pray that God blesses you for your faithfulness.  It has been 10 1/2 months since my husband was discharged from the hospital.  This is HUGE because it is the longest he has gone without having to be hospitalized in over 3 years.  He was averaging a trip to the hospital every 3 months, and his stays were anywhere from a week to almost a month.

His Crohn’s is in remission, PRAISE God!  His legs are healing, PRAISE God!  He is weaning off the Prednisone and pain meds, PRAISE God!  These are HUGE victories!!  He has had a setback, his is having problems with a compressed nerve root in his L5, but is scheduled for a procedure tomorrow.  Due to this recent setback he has not been very mobile resulting in a large weight gain, which has also created some breathing problems and fluid retention.  I am NOT discouraged with this because I know that God is in control.  He is in the midst of all of this.  That is not to say that it’s all sunshine and lollipops, I would be lying if I said we are struggling with this but then we stop, breathe, pray, and realize that God has brought him so far and He is not done yet.

I ask that you continue to pray for Jose. That one day very soon he is able to wake up without bandages on his legs, able to take a deep cleansing breath, able to walk without struggling, has been able to come off a lot of the meds he is on, and that he can be more involved with our beautiful grandbabies.

Again, thank you, bless you, and may God richly reward your faithfulness.


Urgent Prayer Request – Richelle

Dear prayer partners, I have been asked to share a prayer request for Richelle.  She needs to have surgery on her pancreas.  We know that God is in control, we know that He is Jehovah Raphe our Healer.  May God place His healing hands upon Richelle.  May He give His wisdom to the doctors and caregivers.  May He place His angels about Richelle and may He send the Comforter to give her peace.  I pray for the family and friends of Richelle that God covers them in His peace and wraps His arms around them giving them His strength.  In all things may His will be done as His will is perfect.  He knows the plans He has for us.  May He give us grace and mercy and may we open our ears and hearts to hear Him and to know Him.  I ask these things in the name of His precious Son, Jesus Christ, amen.

Urgent Prayer Request – Jose

Dear friends and prayer warriors, I ask you to lift up my husband in prayer.  He suffers from a rare disease that has no cure and no real viable treatment options and is in constant chronic pain every single minute of every single day, BUT I know that God is in the midst and that He has the cure and treatment.  I pray that however God wishes to heal or use my husband is perfected.  If he chooses to heal by His hand, or by the hands of man, let it be completed in His time and way.  I pray that the pain my husband is in is eliminated in Jesus’ mighty name.  It has been nine long years that he has been suffering with this, and while we know that God is in control, we are still human and imperfect and lose sight and clarity and become weary.  I pray for strength for both of us, as I, the caregiver also get weary.  Should it be God’s plan for Jose to be healed by doctors, I pray that He places the right doctor(s) in our path with the right plan to heal him swiftly.  May God’s mercy be upon Jose, may The Comforter embrace Jose and may God’s army of angels watch over Jose and protect him.  May His peace surround Jose continually and may he hear the voice of God.  May God continue to provide us with the finances to treat this disease as it is very costly.  We give all thanks and praise to God for all that He does for us every day and thank each of you that lift us up in prayer as we know the power of prayer.

Prayer Update – Gloria Scott

Dear prayer warriors, I wanted to give you an update.  As of today, Gloria is doing much better.  Her blood pressure is still a bit high, but she is out of the hospital and following up with various doctors.

She is so very grateful and thankful for everyone’s prayers, and is asking God to bless each and everyone of you for your faithfulness.  She knows that God has her in His hands and gives Him all praise, glory and honor.

I will keep everyone posted with any updates and thank you all.  May God bless your comings and goings and fill your storehouses to overflowing.


Urgent Prayer Request – Gloria Scott

Dear prayer partners and readers, please lift my dear friend Gloria up in prayer, she is being taken to the ER due to her blood pressure being too high.  I thank you and ask God to richly bless you for your faithfulness.  – Briggie

Father God, Master and Creator of the Universe, look upon Your daughter and place Your healing hands upon her and heal her in the name of Jesus. Put the right doctors and nurses in her path, give them Your knowledge to aid in her healing. Send The Comforter to her and give her peace Lord. Send Your angels and place a hedge of protection about her Lord. Give her strength, and let her rest knowing that Your Lord have her in Your arms, in the name of Your only Son, Jesus, amen.

Prayer Update – Praise Report Roxie McGeorgr

All praise and honor and glory to our God for His mercy and healing for Roxie. We just learned she made it through quadruple heart bypass surgery and is doing well. Thank you all for your prayers, may  God bless you and reward you for your faithfulness and prayers.  Keep praying that He continues to heal and restore Roxie and for strength for her and her family in Jesus’ matchless name.


Prayer Request for Roxie McGeorge

Dear prayer partners, my dear friend Doris has asked that I reach out to everyone and ask for prayer for Roxie. She has suffered a major heart attack and is waiting to be transported to another hospital for surgery. We do not know what the day holds for any of us, but we do know Who holds us daily. May our Heavenly Father hold Roxie in His arms, and heal her according to His plans and will for her. May He guide the doctors and nurses with His wisdom and compassion and may His peace and strength surround her and her family and loved ones, in Jesus’ mighty name, amen.