Urgent Prayer Request – Rev. Douglas Deer

Dear prayer partners, I received an email from a sister in Christ who has asked that we pray for Rev. Douglas Deer and share with others to lift him up in constant prayer.  We know the power of prayer, and submit to God’s will in all things.
Dear Prayer Warriors:
I am asking for your earnest  prayers for our former pastor Rev. Douglas Deer.  He has been in critical care at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston with HEART issues and is on machines and kept sedated.  His family has kept vigil and are singing hymns to him.  He has some kind of internal bleeding and has multiple transfusions. Doctors are trying to slowly change medicines, but his body is weak.  Several operations have not worked.  Doug has been a faithful servant  to GOD and devoted his life to ministry. We feel that God has more work for him to do and KNOW that Doug is in God’s hands. Remember that a Prayer Chain is the strongest Chain there is…our lips to God’s ears and our hearts united to bring health and healing to Doug’s HEART!  Let’s seek God’s will for a miracle and pray for Susan and Doug’s family and for his Doctors and Nurses.  Thank you for your attention and prayers…now is the time for Doug to turn the corner to recovery.  Yours in Christ,  Gail

Urgent Prayer Request – Aris Manahan

Dear prayer partners, please include Aris in your daily prayers.  My dear friend Doris has asked that we pray for him as he battles with depression.  He is a young student in California, and he is just very down about himself.  His mother is very concerned, and is trying to get others involved to help him.  We know the enemy is a liar, and wants our youth under his control, but our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, has paid the price for all of us. I pray for the blessing of peace and joy over this young man.  May the Holy Spirit hold and comfort him and may the peace of our Lord be upon him in the name of Jesus, amen.