Urgent Prayer Request – Dawn

Dear prayer partners I am writing to ask you to pray for my friend Dawn.  Recently she was diagnosed with A-Fib, Atrial Fibrillation.  This is such a shock as you would never think that she was in anything but perfect health.  She is such a sweet and kind person, so soft spoken, always has a kind word, looks for the best in everyone, and has such a true and kind heart.  I know that God has brought us together, and that He has given me such a wonderful gift in her friendship.

Please lift her up to the Lord for healing.  I pray that Jehovah Raphe places his healing hands upon her and restores her heart to perfection.  I pray that the Holy Spirit comforts her and her family and places a blanket of peace over them. I pray the the blood of Jesus which runs through her body sending healing and restoration throughout.  I pray that Dawn is showered with love and support from her family, friends, and loved ones.

May God richly bless each and everyone who comes to this blog and submits prayer requests and those who are faithful to pray for others.



5 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request – Dawn

  1. Dear Briggitte,
    Thank you so much for all the prayers you send for Marge, Mike and your dear friend,
    Dawn. I also pray for you & your family. Take care & God Bless. Much love from your
    friend. Doris

  2. I agree with Daniel & he puts it so well. I too ask the Lord to heal Dawn. I still ask you to heal Marge Wood & please either heal Mike or end his suffering. I ask this in Jesus

    1. Thank you for your prayers for Dawn. Dear Father, please hear the prayers of your daughter Doris and send comfort to her and those who love Marge and Mike.

  3. Abba Father we come before You in agreement that You will heal Dawn and restore her health.
    Thank You Father
    In Yeshua’s Name we ask and believe

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