Prayer Request for Roxie McGeorge

Dear prayer partners, my dear friend Doris has asked that I reach out to everyone and ask for prayer for Roxie. She has suffered a major heart attack and is waiting to be transported to another hospital for surgery. We do not know what the day holds for any of us, but we do know Who holds us daily. May our Heavenly Father hold Roxie in His arms, and heal her according to His plans and will for her. May He guide the doctors and nurses with His wisdom and compassion and may His peace and strength surround her and her family and loved ones, in Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

12 thoughts on “Prayer Request for Roxie McGeorge”

  1. I just read this.. Lifting Roxie in prayer . Please give us an update. Trusting she is in G-d;s
    Hands…He is Sovereign.. Continuing in prayer & Praise for her Salvation & Healing….

    1. Dear Patricia thank you and God bless you for your faithfulness and prayers. I posted an update on 2/27, all praise to Him who loves and cares for us!

  2. As we all Pray for Roxie and the family . I have wrote this poem for her.

    Yeshua is watching and planning for your place in line. He see you heart and knows our mine. He sent his angles guide you and protect you with open hands. They have wrap their arms a around your heart and say Roxie your wing are on the book of life because he not done with you yet. So look up to the throne of Christ. He working his miracle hand just like he healed the sick and say to you I am very near. I Love You my child because you have favor just Job. Your going to be first Place in line. On Feb 22, 2015 11:00 AM, “There is Power in Prayer through Yeshua Ha’

  3. Dear Biggitte,
    Thank you so much for putting Roxie on your Prayer List request. It means the world to me and my family in IL. My brother, Shorty, and his wife, Marge, will be very happy as well as Roxie & George.
    God Bless,

    1. Dear Briggitte,
      Good news from my brother – said all your prayers worked. Roxie got to the other hospital & had a quad rupal heart bypass. George called him to tell him first thing this morning. God Bless you & all your Prayer Warrior. You all saved my cousin’s wife’s life.
      I’m forever grateful.

  4. Praying for Papa God to rehearse healing handing upon Roxie. May the presence and power of the Holy Spirit be very real in her life . In Jesus name!

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