Prayer Request – Michael

Dear prayer warriors, please pray for Michael. He is 21, and is trying to overcome an addiction to heroin.  His mother is overcome with grief and fears she will lose her son to this terrible drug.  She is asking for pray for strength, peace, healing, and courage to stand up against the enemy and be there for her son.

Pray that God gives her peace and strength.  Pray that God places His saints around Michael so that he will know where true healing and peace strength comes from.  May God bless this family and restore them.  May God be glorified and may Michael be a living testimony to the grace and fullness of God, in Jesus’ mighty name!


9 thoughts on “Prayer Request – Michael

  1. I watch your ministry on saturday morning on the church channel. I really look forward to getting another blessing from the Lord delivered by you each week. No matter how low I feel your words always bless my soul. I am a christian and I love the Lord. May God continue to bless your ministry. Please pray for my family. i have the problem the problem that is lake of daily food and every thing i am eyasu melaku i am Evangelist in Ethiopia with my dear wife our monthly sILair is 30 USA dollars! meany times i ask and request meany God’s peoples but they are not help me or me i fondling meany churches in the village of Ethiopia so dear beloved god people let try to help me and my family all our reward is in heaven really if you support by litil money every month i can to reach that peoples by the gold gospel!!

  2. PTL for prayer websites, the power of prayer is awesome Jesus is our Faith. Father in the name of Jesus i pray right now for Michael and his mother you know us because you created us and you heal our diseases so we thank you Father we come through Jesus thanking you for Michael’s healing testimony the witness he will become for your Glory! Deliverance and Healing testimony.

  3. I am a past heroin user and my prayers and faith go out to Michael and his mother that God can and will deliver. Never give up . Because…. with God all things are possible…… moment, one minute, one second, one step at a time. May God Bless and give you both in the Power of His might!!
    I will be praying for you both

  4. I pray that God heal his pain, suffering, and hatred for hisself, may learn and know things are going to be okay, just have to take it one day at a time. Let go Let God

  5. Praying in agreement for Michael & his mum, I also want to give his mum some encouragement as my son to was on marijwana for many years and has been set free from his addiction by the power of prayer over the years all Glory to God and just 3wks ago chris was baptised hallelujah! the lord has turned his life around and brought him out of the darkness into his marvellous light Amen. I will continue to pray for Michael to be set free and walk in the fullness of our lord and saviour jesus Christ Amen.

  6. I stand in prayer with you. We serve a faithful and mighty God who is compassionate and loving. Be encouraged Michael is being delivered in Jesus’ name.

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