Prayer Requests

Dear Prayer Partners and Warriors,

I come before you today to ask you to lift up some friends that are dealing with attacks from the enemy.  They know the Lord, they believe in Jesus and the power of prayer and they are dear friends of mine that need our help.  I am not going to list all they are going through, suffice to say that they are becoming weary and need our prayers to strengthen them, help bring them peace and victory.

Please pray for Gloria, Cindy and Suzanne.  I pray that God takes them into His arms and gives them His peace.  May He place His angels around them and their homes and shield them from attacks of the enemy.  May the Holy Spirit fall upon them reviving them and giving their prayer renewed power against the enemy.   Lord, as Matthew 18:20 tells us, “…For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Bless these women, Your children, with strength to overcome, financial blessings to conquer their debt and be able to bless others, peace that surpasses all understanding so they can take their focus off the enemy and place it on You, healing in their body, mind and spirit to continue their journey.  Let Your name, and Your word be ever present on their lips and thoughts.

Remind them to pray, “…Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me…” ~ Psalm 23:4.   Lord, they may be in that valley now, but You are with them, and there is light at the end of that valley and it is for but a season.  It is the season to burn away the chaff so that we can be ready to bring in a new harvest.

Lord, I know that there are times when we face trials that it is the enemy trying to mess with us because You want to bless us.  I also know that sometimes we face trials because You are trying teach us something.  Whatever the reason for their trials, I know You are with them!  When we come out of our trials, we rejoice over our suffering, we grow closer to You, and come closer to our goal of becoming more like Your Son.  Our trials become victory and testimony which we share with others who may be going through what we went through.

Father, Lord God, Master and Creator of the Universe, of all that is seen and unseen, bless us Your children.  Draw us closer to You.  We give You the Glory, the Praise and the Honor and ask these things in the name of Your One and Only Son, Jesus, who died for us so that we may live, paid for and took on our sin so that we could come before You.  Amen, and amen!


25 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. I have been reading your book and have been handing them out to people who have been battling cancer and i know they have been blessed by reading it. I Shelby Wilson have also been in treatment for breast cancer where God has stated in his word that I am already healed .. AS I KNOW IT TO BE TOTALLY TRUE … !! I AM HEALED BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS .. AND THERE IS NO OTHER ARGUMENT ABOUT IT … AMEN… I WANT TO THANK YOU FIRST FOR YOUR TESTIMONY OF YOUR HEALING .. IT HAS HELPED ME GREATLY… AND I WOULD ASK THAT YOU WOULD PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL SICKNESS THAT HAS COME AGAINST ME BE GONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.. YOUR A INSPIRATION TO ME . THANK YOU ….. SINCERELY / : SHELBY WILSON / DECATUR, ALABAMA..

  2. My husband Amen (his name, he is not saved), bi polar and relapsed into synthetic marijuana (deadly poison not like marijuana at all) addiction and has been gone for two weeks. His addicted brother and Christian wife are letting him stay away from me at their home. Amen is faithful but I am asking for a hedge of protection against all opportunistic lady drug users he may encounter. Please Lord, take this battle from me and bind the people, drug dealers and the enemy from helping him destroy himself and our marriage and reject You as his Savior. Please saints send your righteous prayers in a chorus to heaven so God will hear my cry for help. I have been praying and worshipping nonstop and am starting to get worn down. I miss him so much and he has not called in two weeks. Please save him In Jesus’ name Lord and for me undefiled forever. Help us Lord Jesus! 8/24/14

  3. Please pray for me. I feel like my health has been robbed from me and have a hard time coping. Would appreciate prayer that God will restore and bring complete healing to my bladder function, back, and many other health issues. Thank you so much

  4. Here’s let me intro myself, I’m ngayaiwon hashunao from INDIA, I was born in a Christian family,but it was just a name shake Christian,

    The think i want to say is that staying together with a non-Christian make my spiritual very weak, I realize without Gods presence i cnt succeed my life, Failure is mine now,imet friend whose family is very spiritual, a real Christian family,i wish my family are like them, hearng from my friend that they use to go in prayer center and they have a good time with God, i request my mummy that i want to go, but nobody support me,i really want to be a real Christian woman,i need a good guidance from you all.

    Since where i stay here its a Hindu place,where you wil not see a church, so i miss going to church and hearing the word of GOD, nothing help me ,,so I install my daily bible application on my mobile, and hearng the lecture of yours make me closer to God, my spiritual awake, i really like ur lecture,,,super like,God bless you and your wife and family too,

    my wishing and only dreamng that one day i will be able go to abroad for my future studies Financially my family couldnt afford me going abroad but to hoping God will arrange, faith on you Lord!,

    This is my only desire to do, going abroad is my dream,

    I love the way of Christianity out there,

    Please pray for my spiritual, me one of a backsliding Christian and for going abroad, Possible i want your ministry to help me out for going abroad.

  5. Dear brother, I preguiere for various urgent problems of greetings: allergies acompagnati anafilatico from shock, cancer, hernia, problems with pressure, depression, suicide attempts, perseguizioni, depression, low pressures, failures of business, loss of the only home , anxiety, nervousness, desanimo in prosseguire vivere.In in the name of Jesus, help! Ame and my familiglia. My husband has some serious probleme personal and work, my daughter is depressed. Amém!
    You are my hope! Amém

  6. Praying to our Lord, God, our Father to completely heal my arm from pain and nerve throbbing. I believe whatever we pray, God will give us. Praying to blanket all of my family and those closest to me with the healing power of the Blood of Jesus. In Jesus’ name……..Amen.

  7. A prayer for the world people ..Thankyou Lord that the kingdom of Heaven is here now . All hearts , minds and tongues are heavenly now. All people feel the need now to please you, to pray, to follow your commandments and repent of their sins. Wonderful miracles and healings, visions of Jesus and his loving angels are happening now to all people. All dark energies have disappeared from our world now. All people are now falling in love with Jesus and giving their lives to him. The meek now inherit the earth. The world is becoming more and more supernatural now. Jesus is here now to receive his bride. In Jesus name..Amen

  8. Greetings to you in the name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

    I ask for prayer today for my Father in Philippines, He is sick and in the hospital he has Cancer of stomach, and is receiving blood transfusion to restore his blood levels. God please bring him through what ever it is that is breaking down his body.

    I declare that his sickness will be lifted in Jesus name. I pray Lord God please turn this around and lift my father up, touch his body with your healing hand I declare that she is healed today bless it be your name.

  9. Please pray for me and my family to have strength, and hope. I was dx with breast cancer almost 7 years ago. It returned within 6 months in 4 or 5 places, depending on what report you read. discovered widespread cover-up of unethical practices. No longer trusting any of them, I feel backed into a corner. Trying to care for myself with mets to brain, that thy noted, and bone, Seizures, vomiting, bone pain, uncontrollable movement of head neck and limbs, freezing cold legs, swollen lower jaw, swollen left eye, tumor on right side severe spinal pain with severe stenosis, and also non-cystic edema along spine. The one of the biggest causes of back pin, besides curvature of spine I am now experiencing .Please someone offer help. I truly don’t know how long I can go on this way with this and how horribly it is affecting my family. especially my only son, 20 yrs. old.

    1. Choose to live. Be a fighter! “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; (Deu 30:19 NKJV)

  10. Please pray for me, i am just beginning to read healing scriptures. I have been having lower back and leg pain for about 2 months. due to disc and nerve damage. I can barely walk with a cane. I believe in the power of prayer and
    ” that this too will pass” and that no weapon formed against me will prosper.

    1. i prayed for you to be healed in Jesus name…. Believe, and you will receive. “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. (Mark 11:24 NKJV)

  11. Please pray for me, i am just beginning to read healing scriptures. I have been having lower back and leg pain for about 2 months. due to disc and nerve damage. I can barely walk with a cane. I believe in the power of prayer an
    ” that this too will pass” and that no weapon formed against me will prosper.

  12. God The Trinity i call upon you now with all your powerful Angels & legions,all the Saints along with my Jyoti & Jiju’s Guardian Angels in the most crucial time of my life for my marriage to bless me with a decent,conventional,virgin,well-educated Man,A man’s from whose rib i am made,who has a long life,My true Soul-mate as my partner.Who will be with me throughout my life as my husband.Lord I give myself jyoti & jiju in your holy hands.Please forgive us for our sins & also the sins of our families & family tree forever.Its been one & a half year I have fallen in deep true love with jiju.I feel he could sense it but I have never expressed my love for him.I feel awkward to express my feelings for him.Holy Spirit & Guardian angels of Jiju please tell him strongly how much i truely love him,bless him to develop true love with firm guidance to him to express his feelings for me.I will die without him.Lord lots of misunderstanding,bitterness,ego problems has developed between us about career issues we donot meet anymore.Jesus you know what is right for both of us & for our highest goods.Cleanse,Heal us mentally,physically & spiritually me jyoti & jiju,our whole life(past,present & future),our thoughts,our parents,families,family trees,our societies & strict rules & regulations,all the blockages that are acting as hinderances in our love & entire life in your precious blood fill all of us with your Holy Spirit guide all of us towards our highest goods forever.Absorb all the Satanic attacks,fears,phobias,curses,negatives from our soul & entire body & burn them in eternal fire so that never come back in our entire life.Please cleanse our misunderstanding in your precious blood & solve it forever.Lord you had planned my life so that I met him,if it is your will,if he is decent trustworthy Man & if everything is well & fine with him in a long run forever,let both of us meet again develop true faith & express our true love for each other & get married within 6months from today without any objections from our parents,families & societies to live happily forever if it is not sin in your eyes please gift me with Jiju as my husband forever in my life if not Jesus please give me a power to forget him now & forever & never be disturbed by his thoughts from now onwards. Lord please bless me with a decent,conventional,well-educated & virgin man My true-soul mate a lovely soul as my life partner with truelove lasting forever in our life as a highest blessings upon us.Keep us protected,safe & blessed forever in our life.Jesus give us a quality to serve humanity.Lord please hear my urge & perform miracles,help us to make best decision for our marriage.I believe all my prayers are heard is done in your precious name.Amen,Alleluia.
    Respected please keep me Jyoti & Jiju in your continuous powerful daily prayers & healings,prayers chains for many days & support us tremendously with your prayers.May God bless U a lot always.Amen!!!

  13. Please my prayers request is for courage strength AND healing From cancers the pain the suffering it creates for so many ..May the lord hear our prayers

  14. Dear JEhovah….rapah…

    You know all our troubles n worries…..heal each one of us…your children….n hold us in your loving arms….
    Heal n bless my mum of the cancer she has….which has now spread frm bones n liver. To the brain….Father I place mum in your hands ….heal her as she undergoes radiation….for 10 days….heal mum lord we trust in u… u saved dad last year frm a heart attack n successful bypass….even thgh mum had chemo…yet to start…..JEhovah Rapha….our healer….u hv healed mum too….
    N I know we will stand praising n singing your name …..
    Thank you Papa
    Your loving child cheryl

    1. i prayed for your mom to be healed in Jesus name…. Believe, and you will receive. “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. (Mark 11:24 NKJV)

  15. Dear Gloria, Cindy & Suzanne,
    You are not alone, Jesus is always with us and HE will answer your prayers. Now you
    have so many more praying for you women of God that your answers will come sooner
    God Bless,
    Doris Morlachetta

  16. hi, praying in agreement for these precious woman of God, Gloria, Cindy & Suzanne and I thank Jesus that they have the victory over the enemys plans to harm them Jesus said in Jeremiah 29v11 I know the plans I have for you plans to Prosper you and Not to harm you to give you a Hope and a Future Hallelujah ! in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

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