Prayer Request for My Dear Friend and her Mom

Dear friends and prayer warriors, today I am asking for you to pray for a dear friend of mine and her mother.  My friend’s Mother is nearing the end of her days on this earth and nearing her reuniting with our Lord.  This is a very difficult time for the family for many reasons, so I am asking that your prayers be for His perfect peace to be upon each of them, and for His strength for my friend both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Please open her mother’s ears to hear what is right and good for her care, and for the enemy to bound and silenced.  The enemy is trying to separate this family even more than it already is.  May God’s hand be upon my friend guiding her actions and words as she tries to make her mother comfortable.  May He open her mother’s ears to my friends words about what is needed to be done in these last days.  I pray that my friends family support her and take care of things at home while she is away taking care of her mother.  May His perfect peace, wisdom, strength, and love multipy and magnify and surround each of the family members.  May the Holy Spirit comfort them.  May God be given the Glory and may the enemy and his evil works be silenced, bound, and banished to the pit of hell, in the Mighty, Matchless, Perfect and Glorious Name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, amen, amen, and amen.


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