Prayer Request

Dear friends and prayer warriors,  please lift Roseanne, her husband Mike and the family of their dear friend Ron up in prayer before the Lord.  Ron was killed in a motorcycle accident last week.  Roseanne and Mike have been long time friends of Ron and his wife Carol.  Ron and Carol were teenage sweethearts.  Both families and Ron’s many friends are in need of prayer and strength.  Pray that God places His peace around them and that the Holy Spirit comfort them in their time of sorrow, in the name of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.


4 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. I pray for you complete healing not in my faith but in Jesus’ faith. For He is the creator of our faith and He will complete His good works in us. in Him we trust.

  2. Father: I agree with Sandi today that you are her healer, My friend Lisa also starts chemo for bladder cancer next Wednesday. Be with Sandi and Lisa, hold their hand through this season of their lives. These two women are not alone for many are holding them up to you. You are their strength when they have no strength, you are their healer in times of sickness and you are their fountain in dry times. We give you the praise and thanks for touching these two women.

  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters in christ:
    I am about to start my first round of Chemo today for bladder cancer. I am requesting prayers of Thanksgiving for my complete and total healing which has been provided by my Lord Jesus Christ. Also prayers that the Chemo is the correct dosage and that it targets only the cancer cells. That there will be no adverse side effects. That the Doctors are guided by the Lord.

    I am not alone for Jesus is with me, he is my strength – he will satisfy me with long life and show me his salvation.

    There are so many others here that I pray will accept their healing from the Lord and give Jesus all the praise and glory.

    I will set myself in agreement with the prayers of everyone who has posted and give glory to God. Amen.

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