Prayer Request – Erica

Dear prayer warriors, please lift Erica up before our Lord.  She suffered a heart attack.  They were able to stabilize her well enough to airlift her to a hospital where they operated on her to remove a clot and place a stint in her aorta.  She is currently on life support.  Please pray that God places His healing Hands upon her and that The Comforter be with her and her family as they stand in prayer and faith that God is in control.  May the doctors and nurses and those who attend her allow God to work through them so that His will be done.  May His peace be upon Erica, her family and friends in the might name of Jesus!


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request – Erica

  1. Dear Jesus, I lift up Erica and her family to you. Lord your word says in Jeremiah 17: 14 Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise. Lord God, nothing is too hard for you. I pray for a miracle in this situation. I pray for healing and comfort. Father I pray that you pour out your Holy Spirit into these people’s lives and into this hospital room and comfort them like only you can. I pray that you surround them with your love, mercy and grace. Lord God, I love you and thank you that we cry to you and you hear our prayers and deliver us out of our distress. Lord I honor you with my heart, I cherish you with my love and I adore you with my soul. You are our everything. Without you we are nothing. Please God, give them peace like a river. I love you and thank you, In Jesus name.

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