Change Your Words

My Mom sent me this video clip in an email and it touched my heart to the core.  It reminded me how very important our words are, the power in them, and how we need to be careful what we say and how we say it, and that we can have what we speak.  Enjoy this very special video.  As said in the email I received:

This is a wonderful, thought-provoking, one minute clip.
Full of wisdom. . . . and very brief.
It’s not a joke, it’s not religious, it’s not political.
It’s just . . . special. I think you’ll agree.
Please enjoy this two minute clip; it is truly special.
It has a meaning for all of us.

I tried to embed the video without commercials but there were technical problems, so you can either click the link below and watch without the commercial, or click on the youtube video below.  Thanks to everyone who commented or alerted me to the problem.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Change Your Words

  1. Briggitte,
    I’ve seen this before and it’s wonderful but when the video gets to the best part it goes black and you can’t see the words on the sign to get the point. Can this be fixed?
    Love ya,

  2. hi,
    thanks for the video,but at the problem is at the end i can’t see what the woman changed the words of the man to…?please tell me what the woman said.

    1. I am working on fixing the problem, thanks for the heads up. She said, it’s the same sign, I just changed the words. I won’t spoil it for you as to what the sign says – i’m going to try and repair the video now.

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