Urgent Prayer Request – Antonette Gorham

Dear prayer warriors, please lift up Antonette to the Lord as He alone can heal her.  She has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.  Please pray that God, in His infinite Wisdom heals her according to His Will.  He alone knows what she needs, what His plan is for her.  Pray for comfort and peace over her and her family, friends and loved ones in the name of Jesus.

6 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request – Antonette Gorham

  1. urgent prayer request for barbara stroud she has cancer in about 6 areas in her body. I believe in the power of prayer, and the power of what we say. Lift Barbara up to the only one that is greater than her with believing
    faith, that by His stripes she is already healed.

  2. Dear Prayer Warriors, we pray for Annette that she will receive comfort and peace throughout her sickness and we pray for her family that will be relieved of their worries and pain. We pray in your name Jesus Christ. AMen

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