Advent 2011 Day 18

eggnog1Eggnog.  Either you LOVE it, or you HATE it.  I side with the latter.  I like eggs, but something about whipping it into something I drink just doesn’t do it for me.  I thought I’d get all historical and tell you the history of Eggnog and why we only drink it for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there really isn’t anything conclusive that says why or when or how it became a holiday tradition.

It appears that it started in renaissance Europe.  It was not something for the poor, mainly an aristocratic treat since eggs and milk and alcohol were expensive.  They mainly used wine or ale to add to the mix and I’m thinking that since refrigeration was not around, adding the alcohol helped keep it around a bit longer.  eggnog

It seems to have been intended as a winter treat.  Something they would serve at parties and gatherings.  When it hit America around the 1600s, rum was used instead of wine and so that is where that tradition began. 

Today it comes in all varieties.  You can get it with or without alcohol, you can even get it with soy or organic milk. 



There’s eggnog coffee, ice cream, cheesecake, cookies, pancakes, martini’s, and the list goes on wherever your imagination or taste buds take you.


One thought on “Advent 2011 Day 18

  1. Sorry Briggitte but I can’t get in the holiday spirit yet and I agree with you as far as egg nog. Maybe after my grandson & his girlfriend have the baby and I get to find out if it’s his – then I’ll be very happy. If it’s not I’ll be ready to take the pipe because he’s in love and is in for the long haul. Pray for this child please. God Bless.

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