Giving Thanks???

thanksI am counting the days until Thanksgiving and Christmas and trying to figure out how I am going to pay my bills and have anything leftover for gift giving and holiday cooking let alone being thankful for what I have.

I am trying my best not to give in to the sorrow and sadness that keeps trying to creep into my spirit.  Every time a commercial comes on there are car ads, or department store ads telling me how I can get that special person a special gift at a special price and I get a knot in my stomach knowing I need a new car but can’t afford one, and would love to get the special people in my life that special gift but don’t have the money to do it.

I know that even though our family is going through a very rough time, there are others with less than we have.  I know that even though I am behind in some of my bills, there are those that have lost their homes, cars and more.  While I keep my thermostat set low to save on my gas bill, there are those with no heat or home.  I know that while I have to cut back on buying extra special treats for the holidays, there are those with nothing to eat today.  I know that it’s not the number of gifts you give or how much you spend, but the thought behind what you give.


It took writing out my thoughts to remember I have so very much to be thankful for.  While it’s not great I have my health, while it needs repair I have a home, while it’s not gourmet I have food, while I could be a bit toastier I have warmth, while it’s not designer or in style I have clothing, while it needs a lot of repair I have a car, and while we’re not the Waltons I have family and friends who love and care for me and I wouldn’t change for anything. 

I can’t turn back time to when I had a great paying job and money and great thanks2credit and I can’t predict the future, so I have to live in the day and be thankful that I am here to experience it.

I pray that His peace that surpasses all understanding is yours.  God bless.

One thought on “Giving Thanks???

  1. Dear Briggitte,
    So sorry to hear things have not improved for you but you are not alone. Wish I could help but I’m in the same position as you. Never have enough money at the end of the month and I had to stop
    buying christmas presents a few years ago but my family understood. As long as I have God and
    family in my life, as well as friends, I can keep going. Praying things get better for you and your family.
    God Bless.

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