Prayer Request–Lucille Dennis

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please lift Lucille up in prayer before the Lord.  She suffered a stroke and the facility she is in is not close to her home so her husband is not able to be with her as much as he wants to be.  Her family and friends are praying for total healing, she is such a blessing to them and they are believing God for her restoration.

Lord God, Your ways are perfect and we give You thanks for Your provision.  We come before you in the matchless name of Your Son, and ask You to heal Lucille so she can return to her family and continue to be a blessing to them, amen.


6 thoughts on “Prayer Request–Lucille Dennis

  1. Hi Deddie

    May God bless you and grant you the desires of your heart according to His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus. God has heard you my sister. He is faithful to honor His promises. You and your family are His children. He is so proud to have you on this earth and to call you His children. He has chosen you, you did not choose HIm. He will lead you to paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Through you He will dislpay HIs splendor. If you will just believe. Call Him ernerstly and He will appear. Seek His face and kingdom first and He will show up. Read Isai 26:4
    A miracle is coming your way. Flood gates of Heaven are open and showers of blessings will soon be over you. Strech out your arms to receive them.

    I am praying with you.

    God bless

  2. please pray that God Heals my mother’s best friend who has had a stroke, I would love for her to talk to us, I pray that God brings her back to us. and a prayer for another friend who has been charge for a crime he says he did not do, I know that God knows, and I pray that God will Bless Dennis and let him go home and be with his kids who really miss their Dad. May God bless them . Thank you and God Bless All.

  3. Please pray for me for a really good job, I know that God has given me talents and abilities , I also need purpose in my life and I need to travel overseas to visit my mum I have not seen my mum for 5years.
    I am trusting in God for a new car
    Travel to NZ in december
    To buy my own place
    My grandchild to come and stay with her parents
    please pray for me DEBBIE
    LASTLY FOR MY MUMS HEALING – she is on the waiting list for heart problems , she is 68

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