Prayer Request–Lucille Dennis

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please lift Lucille up in prayer before the Lord.  She suffered a stroke and the facility she is in is not close to her home so her husband is not able to be with her as much as he wants to be.  Her family and friends are praying for total healing, she is such a blessing to them and they are believing God for her restoration.

Lord God, Your ways are perfect and we give You thanks for Your provision.  We come before you in the matchless name of Your Son, and ask You to heal Lucille so she can return to her family and continue to be a blessing to them, amen.

Prayer Request–Larry McGill

Dear prayer warriors, I have been asked place Larry on the prayer request.  He had an MRI which revealed 3 bulging discs in his spine which are causing him a great deal of pain.  He also needs to undergo an Ultra Sound on his remaining kidney to see if the lesion that has appeared is cancerous.  Please pray for his total healing and a financial windfall for him and his family as his illness has also placed them under financial strain.

We know the power of prayer, and where two or more come together in His name, there He is.  In the mighty name of Jesus, we bind the enemy and declare victory and healing for the glory of our Lord and Savior!

Urgent Prayer Request for Madden

This prayer request was sent to my friend Daniel and I am passing it along, because when two or more come together in agreement in His name, there He is in the midst of them.  Please pray for this child and family and forward to anyone you can.  Thank you and may God richly bless you! ^i^

Hello! I am requesting prayer. I am 36 years old, have 3 children and 5 months pregnant. On Friday We had a ultra sound and they found my unborn baby girls brain was split in two and she had a hole in heart. They gave us 20-40% chance she would not make it to birth and if she did, she would die within minutes when born.They gave us an option of terminate the pregnancy, but as Christian and a follower of Jesus we cannot do that. I come asking for prayer for a miracle from God that he will make Madden whole, well and healed. As parents all we can do is cry. I beg of you to pray for a miracle for us. Please stand with us for God’s divine healing. We know that what ever happens is God’s glory. Please pray for us. We can’t even tell our three children. As parents we are lost. We are just completely torn. Thank your and God bless.