Urgent Prayer Request for Francis Manahan

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I have been asked by my friend Doris to pray for, and place Francis Manahan on our prayer list today.  His son was taking him to the VA Hospital because he was having some fluid build-up in his lungs, when they determined he had suffered a stroke.

They are doing tests, to determine the severity and to see if they caught it in time to prevent any permanent damage.

Please ask God to place His hands upon Francis, and to heal his heart.  We may not know the extent of damage done, but we DO know that God is able and in control. 

We are standing in faith that there is no permanent, or serious damage, and that Francis will be able to return home quickly to his family.  Also keep the family and friends in prayer, asking God to give them peace and strength during this difficult time.


5 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request for Francis Manahan

  1. dear joe, please pray for the strenght for god to make me a stronger individual in his name and that with his strenght i can do anything i recently just lost my mother and the family seems so fsr apart i am asking god to bring us closer together as one im als battling with my on issues myself on obedience is better then sacrifice i do lot lot of praying but i need youand victoria to stand in the midst i need god to show me favor and a financial blessing to by this home god said he willnot leave me nor forsake mepray for my loved one that god will draw him closer to him in jesus name.

    1. joe please pray for me a financial blessing i am trying to buy this house also pray for my love one ronaldo best that god will shine his light on him and draw himmcloser to have him where he wants him to be.

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