Urgent Prayer Request Update–Charline

Hello prayer warriors, last month I posted a prayer request for Charline.  I just received a request to ask everyone to continue to keep her in prayer as she now has a mass in her head.  She just found this out last Tuesday when she received results from extensive tests that were done.  The doctors are trying medicine to shrink the mass hoping they can remove it if her heart can stand the surgery.

Your prayers have helped bring Charline this far, and we all know the power of prayer, and the grace and mercy of our Lord.


5 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request Update–Charline

  1. Dear Pastor Dr.Stanley,

    I have prayer request that my 18 yrs old daughter Jessica Lyman joined USA Navy as a NUKE. Today is her first day of boot camp she has to attained 8 wks of boot at Great Lakes Michigan and than two yrs of Nuke school and four yrs on carrier I request you to uplift Jessica in all prayers to do well in her boot camp, school and at carrier may Jessica’s life bring glory to God.

    Finally may God bless you and your ministries abundantly.

    Thank you
    Jennie Lyman

  2. Please join with me in a prayer to my fiance so that, God can break all the curses he is carrying because of sin life he is living, he is taking alcohol and having adultery relationship. Please pray for him so that he can be saved and turn to Jesus. May Holy Spirit talk to him and change his mind by showing him true love and divine love i have for him and rescue him from the bondage which hold him in that relationship which is out of God will. May spirit of anger,adultery,drunkerdness and hatreth towards me destroyed by God.May God rescue him and allow us to get married soon, I love him so much.when Hanna was praying for a child,she promised God that she will give the child to God,i promise to God that the family which he will give me with Sadick, we will serve God with love and commitment.May that woman holding him in the adultry relationship,leave him. May Holy Spirit talk to her and let her set him free.let that woman quit without pain in her heart,i dont want her to feel pain.

  3. I love reading good things from the lord.I’m believing a good report from my doctor for high blood pressure’prediabetes’normal blood sugar count normal.I’m standing on Jesus word.1st peter2;24 Is;53;4’5 Thanks for standing with me.

  4. Dear Briggitte,
    Thank you so much for putting Charline on the Prayer List. She has been through so much lately and now this mass in her head. Prayers and God’s
    healing hand is just what she needs now along with great doctors. It’s all in HIS hands now.
    God Bless,

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