Urgent Prayer Request Update–Charline

Hello prayer warriors, last month I posted a prayer request for Charline.  I just received a request to ask everyone to continue to keep her in prayer as she now has a mass in her head.  She just found this out last Tuesday when she received results from extensive tests that were done.  The doctors are trying medicine to shrink the mass hoping they can remove it if her heart can stand the surgery.

Your prayers have helped bring Charline this far, and we all know the power of prayer, and the grace and mercy of our Lord.

Urgent Prayer Request–Wanda Cruz

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please lift my sister in law Wanda up before the Lord in prayer.  She has been diagnosed with Pneumonia and it is in both lungs.  She is fighting for every breath and she is very weak.  She also has Lupus which is making it even harder for her body to fight off this illness.

Please ask God for a complete and total restoration of her body and that every germ, virus and disease leave her body in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus!