Prayer Request–Charline

Hello prayer warriors.  I have been asked to put Charline Viereck on the prayer list.  She has recently been diagnosed with some heart problems and has been told she will need a transplant.  She will undergo a test on Monday to determine the severity of the situation. 

Charline is raising two sons on her own and had just started to put her life on a better track when she learned of the news.

Please pray for God to place His hands upon Charline and bring healing and restoration to her heart and her life.  May His peace and strength be upon her and her family.  We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we do know Who holds tomorrow.  With God all things are possible!

4 thoughts on “Prayer Request–Charline

  1. I am hurting away depsite my deliberate attempt to fight; Lost my husband in 2006 and lost my pilot son on Easter Monday through a road traffic accident whom I educated through untold hardship. Please, please pray for me. Am going through intense pain.

  2. Dear Prayer Individuals,

    Please pray that the lord anoint me and quicken me in my mind, body, spirit, and bless me with understanding. Lord heals me mentally emotionally, physically. Help me lord guide me and lead me through these difficult times I am facing daily! As you order my steps, save me from my enemies, scatter them seven ways so that they flee from me Lord. Lord please place a hedge of protection around my home, so that I may be able to maintain my lot and stand strong lord show me favor in my financial and automobile situation, Lord perform a miracle and deliver me from all my debt and troubles. For you are the same yesterday, today and forever more. Lord in the name of Jesus I pray that you save my loved ones ali, zz, wali, parthenia, aeasha, catrena, for you know each situation Lord cover them in the Blood of Jesus. I cry out to you with my entire heart mind, soul for your salvation, redemption, deliverance may your grace and mercy abound Lord. Thank You!



  3. lord have mercy on me father fotrgive me and fill me with all of our spirit my god i confess i sin against u my god u said u wont leave me or foresake me father i refuse to loose my son jesus bless my child my god dont let my child grow up without me father i refuse lord help me have mercy on my life daddy heal me use me for ur will i give my life to u jesus dont allow me to fall to the plan of the evil one jesus have mercy on me lord

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