Day: July 15, 2010

Update for Bob Wood

Praise God who is The Great I Am!  Doris tells me that Bob was taken off the respirator and is breathing on his own.  He is undergoing Dialysis and they are still not sure why he is losing blood, however he is out of ICU.

Doris wanted to thank everyone for their kindness, concern and prayers for Bob and her family.  She has also asked that we keep her niece in prayer as her doctors feel she has MS.  She needs to be tested and while part of her family is in agreement with the test, others are against it as it is a Spinal Tap procedure and they fear the possibility of becoming paralyzed or not making it through the procedure.

Please join me in prayer and bind the spirit of fear that is keeping her from getting the test done.  We know our God Is Able.  Pray for healing and peace over this family.