Urgent Prayer Request – Bob Wood

I received a request from Doris asking us to pray for her brother, Bob Wood.  He has been on our prayer list in the past and God has brought him through many difficulties.  Doris learned today that he may have suffered a stroke.  He was given 3 pints of blood and is undergoing a CT Scan as well as being checked for internal bleeding.

Please pray for peace to be upon Bob and his loved ones.  Ask God to place His hands upon the doctors and caregivers so  they will have His wisdom and His mercy to tend to Bob’s needs.  In all things we ask that God’s will be done.

Lord, we come before you on behalf of Doris for her brother Bob.  Father, You are the ultimate healer and we come before You and ask for Bob’s healing.  Give the doctors wisdom and guidance as they treat him.  Give the nurses caring mercy as they tend to his needs and those of his family.  Holy Spirit, place a blanket of peace upon him and his family and comfort them.  Give them strength and protect them.  May Your will be done Lord, we ask these things in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, amen.


11 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request – Bob Wood

  1. hi,
    pray for me.i want God to provide me urgent permanent work.
    also,am in need of urgent finance to solve urgent need.
    i own my bank 400 euros credit debt.pray for God to provide
    me financial blessing.
    finally,i want God peace,favour,protection and long life.

  2. Lord I beg for your intervention to restore my marriage,
    Please ask the Heavenly Father to restore my marriage. Fill us both with His grace and forgiveness. Pray that this may be the Father’s will.

    Please can you pray that my husband will have a supernatural encounter with our Lord and saviour Jesus
    Christ.That God will remove the scale from his eyes and heart,that all demonic spirits
    be cast out from him in the mighty name of JESUS.
    My husband wants divorce from me and I’m living with my parents now for the past 15 months.
    Also pray that God will reveal himself to his parents and siblings especially her mother who are encouraging him to obtain the divorce.
    Pray that they will turn from their ways and see the wrong that they are doing.Math 19:6 for what GOD has joined together let no man separate. I believe that all things are possible with GOD.

    Please LORD, also pour financial blessing over myself and my family. In Jesus name.

  3. i need prayer on sunday 12/12. i need divine favor and supernatural connections to manifest allowing what has been stolen from me to return 7-fold. this is the greatest miracle i have requested of the LORD ever. thank you for your desire to cover others. bless you.

  4. pliz pray for me am orphaned and heavily indebted cant pay my bills recently i was arrested pliz pray that i get a job and money to pay my debts urgently please.

  5. I need prayers for myself and some others. I believe Satan is trying to launch major attacks on me and people I care about and I want it to stop! I have been irritable and moody lately at the least little thing and I pray for God to fix that. And I pray that my friend Billy will get back on the right track and start putting God first in his life again and attending all the church services and get back to preaching. And stop acting like he doesn’t care anymore and being so aloof and distant acting. Satan is attacking him big time and I pray that he can be given the wisdom and strength to fight these attacks. And if somehow his new family is contributing to his change in behavior I pray that either their behavior can be changed or that they will be removed from his life if that’s what it will take. And please pray for this to stop affecting me the way that it does and that I will be contented and peaceful and be a better christian. Also please pray for all my other family and friends as I will for you. I ask these things in Jesus’ name.

  6. Hello
    I know a family we were happy together but satan makes alot of problems please pray that god shine his glory and gathered us together better than the past
    Their name are ( ELMIRA , ELINA , ESHMAEL, MEHRI ) Thanks.

  7. Hello
    My brothers name is MEHDI he is getting marry but there are alot of problems for his marriage
    The bigest problem is about the girl who fell in love with her please pray that god touch her heart her name is RAHELEH
    God bless you

  8. Hello
    My name is omid I fell in love with a girl
    But she left me alone now I am so depressed
    I cant laugh and study my lessons please pray
    That she come back to me again her name is ELMIRA
    Please pray for me with heart of god
    God bless you

  9. Please pray for my husband of 36 years…he has metastic pancreatic cancer dx in Aug of 2009. He underwent a whipple procedure to remove as much cancer as they could but it was already in 14 of the 16 lymph nodes removed. He has undergone radiation twice and several chemo’s that have not worked. He has been having a lot of complications. Two doctors have told him he is going to die but he told them that GOD has the last say. He and I are both christians and believe in miracles. We have been listening to Joel’s cd’s on Miracles Happen so God we believe he shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord. Things look really bad but I know GOD can heal him. Please pray for him..His name is Kenneth (Bo)…he’s 60 years old…thank you…God Bless

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