I’m praying for you

Hello dear friends, visitors and prayer warriors.  I humbly ask your forgiveness for being absent from this blog, however I have been dealing with some personal health issues and I am in the grips of fatigue, but not failure, praise almighty God.  I know where my healing and strength come from and I give thanks to God every day for continued healing and for the prayers and help from family and friends.

I may not be able to reply to each of your prayer requests or posts, but know that I am reading each one and praying for you.  Please remember, this is my personal blog and is not affiliated in any way with Pastor Joel Osteen or Lakewood Ministries, I simply share what I receive through their daily messages.

I continue to receive numerous requests for Charles Capps Creative Healing books and I try to send what I can.  As with so many people today, we are struggling financially and I have not been able to purchase more.  Many christian bookstores carry the booklets or can order them and they are about $2 each or you can purchase them in bulk through the Charles Capps website.

May God, Father, Creator and Master of the Universe bless you beyond blessing, strengthen you beyond strength, heal you to His perfection and grant you abundant peace, love and joy.  Father, I speak special blessings for each person that comes to this site and prays for those in need.  May You, according to Your riches in heaven bless them.  I thank You Lord for watching over me and my family, that even in the darkest of times, You have been a Light and have brought us through the valley and out of death.  Lord, bless each person that has posted a prayer on this blog.  May Your Word be so rooted in them that even when sleeping, their spirit is speaking with You and lifting You up in praise for all You do for us.  I ask all these things in the mighty and precious name of Jesus, amen.

-Briggie ^i^