Prayer Request


Please join me in prayer and lift up my co-worker’s mother to the Lord.  I do not have a lot of details, but I do know she is having some serious heart trouble and her family is very concerned about her recovery.  They have asked us to please pray for her because they know the power of prayer, so join me in asking that God heal her, that He give the doctors wisdom over her treatment and that He bless the family with peace during this difficult time, in Jesus mighty name, amen.

53 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. In March 2012 while I was 8 months pregnant with my son my small intestines was tied up the doctor performed surgery he closed me back up and untied my intestines. I had 42 stitches still carrying my baby to full term. A month later I had my baby and named him Jeremiah. He was 6 pounds 13 ounces. I spent 3 days in the hospital. The night I came home with the baby I felt a pain. It felt like a gas pain. My mom and my sisters stayed with the baby and I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. T.he doctors discovered my intestines exploded I was in a bad condition. My heart became enlarged all at once and they found puss in my stomach. I was in a coma for a couple of weeks.(prophet harry) is good, I’m healthy today breathing on my own. I’m back to work, my boy is a healthy 30 pound baby and my husband and family and I are great. Gods love never me to give thanks to

  2. Jesus thank you because you love me, and you are going to give me piece of mind, you are going to remove all negativity in my life in JESUS NAME i pray with thanks giving amen.

  3. Please pray for me !!! i have a lot of anger towards God, because of it i can’t pray and always want to rebel by sinning.. nothing has been working for me (financially, personaly,..)for a while, no matter what i try to do… it is hard to thank him in those circumstances…reason why i’m starting to hate him. but i know there is nothing i can do without him. Please help!!!

  4. I need prayer for a Tier 5 unemployment benefits and a job/employment in the electrical/electronic fields. Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Heavyi ndustry. Also need healing in my right ear. Thank you, God Bless, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  5. I left my job over two months ago because i was being mistreated. I walked out with the failth of GOD; knowing he would provide, however, I have been to over 20 interviews and no one has hired me yet. I have tried praying and hoping now I have lost faith. Who will pay my rent; who will feed me; who will care for me? I do not know what to pray for or if I should pray anymore.

  6. Please pray for 4 year old Michael Clemente he has leukemia and now is in Children’s Hospital with pneumonia. URGENT…BLOOD COUNT IS 0! Thanks everyone!

  7. pl pray for my greencard to go thro i have been waiting for it for 8 yrs went for interview on 21st oct told to wait will write a letter very anxious pray for its approval

  8. My husband & I have been temporarily separated for 3 months at his request. Please pray for reconciliation in our relationship and our marriage. I have felt some extreme spiritual heaviness the last few weeks. Please pray against anyone who would not want our marriage restored.

  9. Please pray for my husband alfonso, that he may recieve a liver and kidney soon. the lord has blessed us in so many ways, from the doctors saying he’ll only make it till the end of Oct. and praise God he’s still here and holding strong. Even from no one taking him on the insurance to finding one that would and pay for transplants,Thank you Jesus. So many miracles in between whether it be big or small. I ask in Jesus name for the biggest one of all so that we may shout our testimony of his great love. Amen!!

  10. Extremist moslems attacked a Church and they killed innocent christians in Iraq yesterday, the Christians are not any more respected in the Moslem countries. God protects them.

  11. Please pray for my financial blessing and renewal ,i am undergoing a series of great trials now, am writing from a nursing home. I ask for prayer also for spiritual salvation and healing, and healing of all physical infirmities in myself and my family. blessed be our Lord Jesus, for his Grace, Mercy, and Generosity. Allan

  12. Please pray for my sister who is battling pancreatic cancer that she and her family will find comfort, strength, peace, hope, and faith in Jesus in this critical time. God Bless your ministry!
    Thank you very much.

  13. Pray for Marybeth, that she stops being such a mean and evil person and finds a way within herself to go of her angry and selfishness and finds the light of God

  14. May God Bless your ministry. I would like a prayer request for my sister Nimnie Labbon, She’s got a very bad case of cancer and would like a divine healing miracle upon her, may you pray also for her husband, her children and grandchildren for Jesus to give them comfort, courage, and confidence. May God you all!

  15. I have loss my job back in July, 2009 I had to fight for unemployment insurance from ex employer back in July. I need a job position now, not later, I need to get my foot in the door for an interview. These are tough time and I understand it, if all you prayer warriors could pray for me and pray for people like me because we need it. This is serious for me and unemployment insurance is not going to last forever. I need good job. I need to really reach the Lord with my prayer. Thank you

  16. Hello,

    I am requesting that you pray for me to have a supernatural miracle in my body. I was diagnosed with Gehrig’s Disease (ASL) and I am having trouble walking. I know that God is my healer and I am asking for an agreement. I have read different prayer request forms that state that God will heal me with a donation. I was taught that you can not buy healing. I am a giver and I believe that when we help others we are giving to God and his kingdom. I am 55 years old and in perfect health.

    Your sister in Christ, Sharon Taylor



  18. Please pray for my friend Bruce. He is 49 yrs young a retired NYPD 23 year Sgt who was one of the 1st responders at 9/11. He was injured (broken back) had to take a disability retirments from a job he loved. He is now having lung problems due to the WTC cough. Working in the tower 4 days/nights w/o mask. I pray every day that he will have good health and live a long life. I know it is in God’s hand. Thank you and God Bless you all!

  19. requesting prayer for my children and their spouses. It seems like the enemy has been working at bringing them down and would like to see them praising the Lord. Your word for this month is exactly what is needed for all of us. Thank you in advance for your prayers and looking forward to the emotional healing that the Lord will be releasing!

  20. Dodi, I am asking for prayer for my sister-in-law Sharon, she has been diagnosed with a aggressive cancer. She recently read one of your books and it has lifted her up. She is a great fan of yours, thank you so much for responding by card to her. Our family believes in the power of prayer, and ask you to please put her on your prayer list. I believe by the Grace of God she will be healed. We live in a little town in NE Texas by the name of Paris. I receive Joels’ devotionals
    by email daily. Linda

  21. hi im adrian bonilla from colombia and im need rgent need of prayer because i need to be protectected from any persecution against me i need that persecution to be stop in desperate please pray for me i realy need you to keep praying i lose my home im under a persecution from some injust persons that wànt to destroy my finances please pray for me i realy need it adrian

  22. Servant of God ,could you pray for my passport to come from the home office here in uk. it has been there for more than 8years but no reply. it is affecting me mentally, i am not well .please i need a possitive reply from those people.

  23. Please pray that the new man in my life and I have a good healthy relationship. He’s a believer and and I’ve waited for a good man to come along. God will hear my prayer if 2 or more pray..Thank you

  24. please pray for my heal in jesus name something is going on with me they call it bppv vertigo and I had a mri yesterday no results today all doctors out , I just want to be healed and the devil keeps trying to get in my way it makes me dizzy and and I cant foucus I know gods number is never busy but I have been asking that I feel better I have good days and bad days please pray for me I am not wanting to be scared at all:) I want to keep my faith and know the lord is with me I just ask that you pray for me too thanks leisa collins

    1. hello, I just wanted to make sure you received my message:) I hope and pray that you keep me on your prayers and thanks so much from the bottom of my heart I appreciate any prayers I get thanks so much:) leisa

  25. Please pray that I do not need bone & tissue grafting in my mouth & that all my illnesses have healed & disappeared in my entire body & stay gone. In Jesus name. Thank you.

  26. I am writing this for my Brother Sujith Joseph. P (19 Years ), Chengannur, Kerala, INDIA . I am requesting prayer for my Brother Sujith’s recovery from his Lung ,Ribs cancer(Type of cancer is PNET (Primitive neuroectodermal tumor)). Please consider this mail and We trust in your prayers. We strongly believe in Jesus Christ ,and we strongly believe he will touch Sujith. We have read Dodie Osteen’s book “Recovery from cancer” in our Regional Language. We got inspired by Your faith in God and you got healing from the touch of God from Cancer. Sujith is studying Engineering 2nd year . He is undergoing treatment in Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum, KERALA . The sound is not coming from his mouth because of his breathing problems. Please remember him in your Prayers . We all believe in the name of Jesus Christ Sujith will get recover soon. So that we are requesting your kind prayers .Please remember Sujith’s name in your personnel prayers.

    Last 2005 August 13,he had undergone a Spinal cord surgery since he had a PNET(Primitive neuroectodermal tumor) on his spinal cord. After the surgery he had undergone 18 cycles of chemotherapy treatment, i.e. around 2 years .. He got complete healing from Jesus Christ. Sujith is a strong believer of God and he has good faith in Jesus Christ and we all believe strongly in Jesus Christ .And after that he had severe pain in Chest area(Thoracic area) from August 2009 onwards and doctors diagnosed as a tumor growing near his lungs thoracic area. Since November 2009 ,he has been suffering from breathing problems as well as pain in his Lungs area. He had undergone a major thoracic surgery in December 22nd 2009 , for removing the mass located near his lungs area. By God’s Grace ,during surgery time he was safe in God’s Hands. And after that Doctor advised to do some chemotherapy treatment and radiation. But Only God can cure Sujith’s illness.
    Now Sujith is very weak and he needs healing from Jesus. Please remember Sujith in the name of Jesus Christ we are requesting you to pray for him.
    We are all praying for Sujith’s curing By the touch of Jesus Hands upon Sujith.

    From Last week onwards (28th of March 2010) Sujith is again suffering from severe pain over his back and lungs area again. He had a huge mass in his ribs, lungs area and Spinal cord . Even though the mass got removed, he is suffering from severe pain on his back and stomach and lungs area. is having cancerous cells near his lungs, so he is suffering from breathing problems, cough, and not even able to speak properly,he is not able to walk also.Please Pray for Him to withstand all these pains in the name of Jesus Christ. He is in a worst condition to accept all these pains.”he is asking Why God is giving again and again all these pains to Him”. He had undergone one spinal cord surgery in 2005.He had treatment for cancer at that time also.Please Pray for Sujith to accept and to believe Jesus Christ in depth .He is not getting proper sleeps all over these nights .

    We strongly believe in God and we don’t know what is the God’ s Plan on Sujith future. Sujith’s health is getting weaker day by day. He is undergoing Chemotherapy in Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum, KERALA, INDIA. Now it stops for few days since he is having exams in May.
    His 4th semester engineering exams will commence on May 1st week. We don’t know how he will write exams and all.

    We all fervently praying to God to give him good health. Please Pray to God to touch God’s hands on his body and heal him completely from his illness.
    Please Pray in your prayer group For Sujith for getting good health and for writing his coming exams well .

    Thank you for your prayers..

    Sujith’s Sister

  27. To whom it may concern: This is an urgent prayer request. I need a miracle from God.

    For many reasons I am in dire straits financially.

    Last year it began in August. My mother became ill so I made a couple of her car payments while she was in the hospital gravely ill.

    Next I had 3 home repairs in my first purchased home then car repairs.

    I was falling behind so I went to a few lenders to obtain personal loans which at the time helped but in the long run caused more debt.

    Lastly, I bought a used vehicle from Frank Myers in Winston-Salem N.C He has less than a good reputation but my car was falling apart. I started having troubles the the used car so he put in writing he would take car of the repairs at Flow Mini Cooper in Winston-Salem,N.C. The repairs made weren’t the right ones so not only am I am being held accountable for the repairs because Mr. Tracy Myers won’t pay but the engine overheated and blew up.

    Now I don’t have a car to drive, and the repairs plus an engine would cost $4,600.

    I need a car to get back and forth to work so one of my co-workers temporarily has allowed me to borrow her car. This is a blessing and I am thankful but it’s temporary.

    Bank of America has also messed my mortgage and I am currently under review for the Mortgage Retention but when I call I get bounced around from dept. to dept. No one will help me. I have written letters to the MRT to request a 2 month forbearance on my mortgage and a minor reduction in my interest of .5%. I don’t want my home foreclosed on nor for my car to be repossessed. I have no where to turn, I have asked my uncle who has the money but is very greedy and my father who is also wealthy has never helped any of his children and refuses to acknowledge us.

    I put myself thru Nursing School via scholarships which I know the Lord had a hand in and my other college courses I continue to pay on. I have helped myself as much as possible but I cannot do anymore.

    I am broken and bewildered. I have gotten on my knees to pray for a financial miracle to come about but the bills keeps coming.

    I will however have a $4.00/hr pay increase in 6 weeks, but I cannot hold on that long. Bank of America and C&S Finance in Richmond won’t help me.

    I beg for pray and help because I am single without a mate. I have also asked for a Godly spouse to help with some of the burden.

    I am a RN but had to take a temporary pay cut of $1,000/mos. since Nov. 2009. I know it will come back to me with an increase but not soon enough. I don’t drink, party and do drugs. I try to live a good life but the devil is chasing me. Please pray for a financial miracle to happen in my life soon. I don’t where to turn and the people that have the money to help won’t because they are greedy. Please pray for me.

    I don’t want to lose my first home or have my car repossessed.

    I beg you for help.

    C. Caroline Murphy
    7202 Riverview Knoll Ct.
    Clemmons, N.C. 27012

  28. Please pray for healing for my niece and my cousin. My niece is a missionary and has been diagnosed with an unusual and incurable cancer. She and her husband are saved.

    My cousin is about seventeen and has been battling cancer for three years. Yesterday the doctors said there is nothing else they can do for him. He lives with his grandmother and neither of them is saved.

  29. I have been through a long decent marriage and it has been broken up leaving 7 childern and myself broken. my parents who I thought would be in my corner has turned on me and my childern and is in my ex sposes corner leaving me and my childern devesated. I was a hard working christain mom and have to raise these childern for the Lord myself with their Christain so called father and grandparents that have turned on their mom and them. please pray for us and the return of my childerns hearts to the Lord and the healing of all of us and the strength for me to keep caring on. Thankyou

  30. Please pray for my son Jeremy Brown who may be going to Afghan in late April or May this year. Please pray God’s will be done in Jeremy’s life. Jeremy needs salvation. Please pray for my peace of mind I (Sharon)have worried and have terrible painful shingles on top of the pain in my arthritis in hands and knees.

    My son Chuck died in 2006 age 35 and left 3 small chidren behind. Their mothers Sheila Brown and Tonia Turner are not Christians and have mean critical spirits toward me. It makes it difficult to see my grandchildren.

    Thank you, Sharon………Jeremy’s mother

  31. My husband has returned home after living with his girlfriend. He have to return to the house he shared with his girlfriend on tomorrow to gather his things/business affairs. Please pray that my husband remains strong in the Lord and not be tempted. The girlfriend has called my home and children saying unpleasant things to us.I just received a letter from my daughter’s college telling me that she has been involved in underage drinking on the campus. Please pray for my family, I feel that we all need God’s guidance to help our family to overcome these challenges we are faces.Thank you.

  32. Greetings to you in the name of the Lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST

    MY Name is T.kranthi kumar

    kinldy pray for me as i am in financial bondages

    i am into business and in that business i need lead generation and convert them to be customers and Distributors

    but i am not able to do it, though i am praying, i am not able have a clue to go forward and how to operate business, other distributors who dont know God are able to earn 10 lacks 20 lacks per month

    i need wisdom and God s Grace and talent to get quality people and retain them as customers and distributors PLEASE PRAY FOR ME

    apart from business i am working even there i need to do loads of work but i feel that i dont get good pay apart from that pressure which makes even thing worse please pray for breakthrough

    kindly Pray for my son Earl David he is one year but he is not able to speak please pray for his health and God to teach him how to speak

    thanking you

    T.kranthi kumar

  33. Please pray for my dad Houston. He is the most amazing a person could ever have or want. He loves Jesus and has just been told and hour ago that he has stage 4 stomach cancer and there is nothing they can do. He is 64 and the only dad my children know, My husband died when they were 2 and 4. Now my kids are 10 and 12. Thank you all.

  34. Pleae pray for husband Darwin, In ICU for 1 month. He is on a ventalotor with pnemounia and other infections. He had a stroke and now a weak heart. He will have brain surgery on 3-10-10 to unclogg brain vessels. Hr has a bed sore too. I know he will be healed and come home to me. He will be as good as he was before this hospitalztion.Stan in prayer with me. God bless you all

  35. I am requesting a prayer for my son kevin and my daughter inlaw Fayelyn. Their marriage and everything is going down with my son stuggling with depression. He needs help and we were told yesterday he needs to be in the hospital to over come his depression with treatment. But my son is not talkng to me or his wife. He isolated himself from us and I truely need help for my son and my daughter inlaw that is going through so much. Pray for my grand kids as well, there is 3 of them.

  36. I am writing to ask for prayer.I work with very evil people.I am being persecuted everyday.I pray every morning before I leave my house to go to work.My job is physically hard,but I am very thankful for my job.Please pray with me for God to remove the problem people.I am getting very down about going to work.I used to look forward to going to work.I pray and put on the whole armor of God every morning.God Bless

  37. I am requesting prayer in my financial situation. I pray for restoration and a solution for all my depts. I pray for the ability to grow fanancially and spiritually in order to do Gods will. I pray that my son will improve his behavior in school, and put forth his best efforts in completing his school work, and being compliant in class, and working to his fullest potential, and not get involved with peers who have not accepted Christ in there lives. I pray that God will guide my sons spirit in all that he does. I Jesus name.

  38. to the most high god i ask you all to pray for me that the lord will remove poverty from out of my life and others so that gods blessing will flow around me and others who are in help of financial help in jesus name i say thank you all TB uk

  39. prayer for my brother in law on a ventilator fighting for his life. from accidentally inhaled fumes from whe he was cleaning the pool. prayer for gods intervention in complete healing of his lungs. he is so full of life and loves the lord. we need your prayers

  40. Please pray for Rick Ybarra that GOD heals ALL sickness and disease Psm.103:3
    Rare stoamch cancer we figth against with the word

  41. I would like prayer for my mother (Juanita) for healing. She has a lump in her left cheek and I do have faith he will remove it and she will be heal in the name of Jesus, because he has healed her so many times from many sickness and I believe we are heal by the blood of Jesus. Our God is good (Praise him) I will let you know about her healing. Praise God for her healing.

  42. Joel please pray for me, that the good Lord God will strengthen me and grant me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, today I am asking the good Lord God to help me in pursuing my dreams of becoming a nurse, and to move on with Yasmine, bless Yasmine God that she will make something good out of her life, she will finish high school and go on to college and get a good education so she does not have to ask and live with anyone.

    God you know my heart and I am asking you to calm it like you calm the sea for your Peter. When I am upset calm my nerves…

    Bless me, Yasmine and David. Also remember Errol and his dreams, guide, guard and protect him in all he does, and those who seek to hurt him confuse them, if she is the problem, Donna jackson confuse her and the rest. Thank you God. Amen

  43. We are requesting for prayers for Rosaline, she has cancer and is a great awesome mother, grandmother, friend and lady. She is graceful and beautiful and would appreciate your prayers for her, we know she can be healed, just the way you were. We have hope and we know this can occur, we Love her so much and know that God can heal her, so we would Love your prayers. We Love her so much. We are from Siksika Nation and know God is listening, is is always here.

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