Urgent Prayer Request Update- Louise and Albert

Hello Prayer warrior and Saints – I humbly beg your forgiveness in being so delayed in posting an update.  There have been a number of things going on that have kept me from posting this update which regrettably I cannot share with you. 

It is with a mixture of deep sadness and great joy that I let you know that Albert has gone home to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We miss him and his divine sense of humor and genuine love for Jesus but we know he has gone to a better place and it is only a temporary separation as we will see him again one day.

There was a period where we thought Louise would join Albert in heaven, but our God has a plan and a purpose for her and He is not ready for her yet – to which I humbly say, Praise God and Amen, because I am not ready for her to leave just yet either!  She is doing wonderfully and it is truly a miracle that she is healing so quickly.  She looks and sounds great and hopes to be home by Christmas day.  No one will EVER convince me that prayer is not powerful or worthy of our time and I will NEVER leave it up to fate!

Please continue to lift Louise and her family and friends up in prayer as we stand and wait for the completion of God’s full healing and restoration in her life.  I give thanks to God for His faithfulness and to you all for your commitment and diligence.  May God richly bless you with His peace and riches according to His will and riches in heaven in the precious name of Jesus, amen. ^i^


5 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request Update- Louise and Albert

  1. Dear Dodie
    I will like you to pray for me and my love ones healing please, I will like prayer for me to drop off some wait,for my heart and the fat in my belly
    thanks for praying for me.

  2. I dont know what to do now. IM going through a very tramatic experience and i didnt think it would be this hard. Last monday I got back in touch with someone that i reallly cared for that i havent talked to in 9 years but have had dreams about for 9 years and that has been in the back of my mind. She was my longest term girlfriend for 7 months. We were back in touch for a week and i had to say goodbye to her again. It was the right thing to do. I was getting along with her very well but it was also causing me alot of stress when days would go by without hearing from her. THere was a false alarm on her page that i got paranoid about where she was talking about dying. I made a 911 call. And i looked up family to try to get her address and found out things about her that made me very upset. Tell me if i did the right thing or not? I feel maybe i could have hung in with her more and been a listening and encouraging ear. Out of the blue i sent her an abrupt email telling her she needs to stop!! Get help. Your aunt loves you very much. That stuff your doing has taken control of you and made you a different person. Now i am about to block you. Or something along those lines. THen the next morning i sent her an email from my cell phone explaining why i did what i did. I told her that she either takes that stuff and flushes it down the toilet or she will never see me ever again. I told her about my faith and that it was alright to cry out to GOd, which she used to believe in God along time ago but got invovled in the wrong crowd and walked away and got worse. Now the stuff she has been on i dont know if it is the same stuff but has been doing crystal meth 10 years ago when i knew her. NOw may be a very critical time and if she is still doing that her i feel it may be too late. Plus i may have needed to cut myself off from her early. Because if the pain is this bad now, imagine how bad it is gonna get later? THat could be very very dangerous to my soul. I told her i didnt wanna watch her die an early death and i was not gonna lose her again. I dont know. Do you think that was a little early to be doing that? and saying that to her? She did reply to me and tell me that i was scaring her and that she didnt know what i was talking about but i know that she is lying. Why would a family member a christian family member lie about those things? Anyway the night before when i was talking to her aunt on the phone she was warning me not to give her any money and i told her how good she did treat me in the past and her aunt was very shocked when i told her that and couldnt believe it. And one thing i didnt think of that i forgot to tell her that not once did she ask me for money ever. Please just ask God to give me peace about this to let me know that i did the best i could and made the best decision i could to the best of my ability. And i listened to my family and to hers that it was best to cut communication with her. And thats what i had to do. I didnt want this thing getting any worse. Now i may need to go to therapy. But i hope it doesnt have to come to that and God works out the situation better than expected.

  3. Dear Briggitte,
    May the Lord continue to Bless & heal Louise and she’ll be able to be home for Christmas.
    Hope you & your family have a Blessed Christmas also.
    God Bless,

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