Urgent Prayer Request for Linda Pinto

Daniel, my brother in Yeshua sent me this prayer request from his friend Eulia.  Please lift Linda up in prayer and ask God to soften the heart of her brother in Jesus’ mighty name.


EMERGENCY PRAYER REQUEST: My spiritual Indian daughter, Linda Pinto, is gravely ill, not even able to talk on the phone. Please bombard Heaven for her. She needs a kidney transplant, but her 1 brother who’s a match is refusing. (He has a lot of abandonment & anger issues. Please pray for him, too. His name is Robert.)PLEASE PRAY!! And please pass this request to others. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request for Linda Pinto

  1. Please pray for me Raymond please I am believing to go to Israel. I am a student and have been believing God Abba Father to go to Israel for five years now and a group went to Israel three weeks ago and I am believing that God will provide for me to go walk where Jesus walked. I saw the competition with John Hagee to win a trip to Israel, Please intercede for me please to go to Israel in Yeshua’s name. I have decided to clean out my room and anything which does not bring glory to God, please pray that Holy Spirit will occupy every single area of my life and room and parents house please and that Jesus Christ will rule and reign in our household please. Please pray for me and my assignments and exams that I will be writing soon that Abba Father will be with me and help me through this period of my life please. Please pray for health in my body and energy in my body please. Please pray that Jesus, Yeshua, will shine and live through me and touch others and bring all the glory to Abba Father Adoni. Please pray that I will know Jesus and have a real and true relationship with Jesus and that He will spend alot of personal time with me and me with Jesus. I want to sit at Jesus feet and grow and soak and live in the love of our lord and King Jesus Christ. Please pray that I will receive that which Abba Father wants to give me, please pray that I will be blessed to be a blessing to others please. Please lift me up in your general and daily prayer, amen. Raymond.

  2. Dear Briggitte,
    I will certainly pray for Linda Pinto to be healed by the Lord and for HIM to ease her pain and make her whole again. Let’s hope the Lord will touch Robert’s heart for him to be able to help
    save his sister along with the doctors.
    God Bless,

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