Urgent Prayer Request for Louise and Albert

Dear prayer warriors we need you to lift Louise and Albert up in prayer.  Louise is in ICU with congestive heart failure.  She is being transported to another hospital because the one she is at does not have the medicine or equipment needed to help her.  She is sedated and on a respirator, but I know her spirit is aware of all around her. 

Louise knows and loves the Lord and is a faithful servant.  She knows the power of prayer and she knows His promises.  Please stand in agreement that the healing is already done and perfected and that we are simply standing in faith waiting for its manifestation.  Please lift up her husband Albert and ask God to give him the strength, energy to stand by her side.  Albert is recuperating from Cancer and a recent chemo treatment which has left him weak and very thin.  Ask God to send His peace to cover Albert.  Albert is a mighty man of God and he too knows God’s word and promises.  Albert is standing in faith for his and Louise’s healing.

While the hospital and doctors do not have what they need to heal Louise, we know that God does!  Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy and for Your healing of Louise and Albert.

Please place them on your prayer lists at church and prayer groups and pass this on to as many as you can.

Thank you and God bless you!

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