Urgent Prayer Request For Sandy and Ron

Hello Prayer Warriors,

My dear brother in Christ, Daniel, sent this to me so I am passing it along to you.  Please lift Sandy and Ron up in prayer.  Please put people in Ron’s path that will be willing to share the good news of Jesus and His gift salvation.  Ask God to put nurses and aides and doctors around him that are not afraid to share the gospel.  Let’s stand and believe for Ron’s salvation and give his wife Sandy the strength and courage to stand strong.  May God’s peace be upon her and Ron in the name of Jesus, amen. – Briggie ^i^

Good evening;

I have an urgent prayer request please.  A friend of mine (Sandy)from childhood days is in need of prayer support.  Her husband Ron is very ill with only 5% of functioning kidneys and having some other issues that have recently come up.  He has not accepted Christ and I ask for all of you to come together in agreement for his LIFE in CHRIST to be a reality in these next hours.  Please stand on His Word in this and if you feel you cannot agree 100%; just don’t pray.  Sandy needs agreement in ONE ACCORD and she is calling for the miracle of salvation and healing. If you have your own prayer warriors; please send this out.  I pray for God’s PRESENCE to be LIVING REALITY in each of your lives and in Ron’s J

Thank you all…

In Jesus Name,



4 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request For Sandy and Ron

  1. Beloved brothers and sisters:There is an urgent need for prayer.Alicia and her
    husband Fidencio are involved in a false religion(demonic beliefs).Along with a
    group of their friends.Please,if our able to feel the pain that I am feeling for their eternal punishment.I am begging you ,pray for the inner eyes of their deep spiritual understanding to be open.Pray that the scales will come off their eyes,
    and they shall see and believe,the truth that Jesus and not Mary is God.That they
    will accept the Good News of the Gospel,and will forsake their idols.
    Names to pray for
    In Jesus name,we declare this done.

  2. Dear Brother

    Mere Thorath Mein Bahut Pain Hai Mere Thorath Mein Ek Zakham Hai
    O Thik Hone Ka Nam Nahi Le Rahi Hai,Mere Pass Itna Paissa Bhi Nahi,
    Hei Ki Ki Mein Apna Tretment Kar Saku Pls Aap Mere Liye Prayers Kare
    Ab Sab Kuch Prabhu Yeshu Par Chod Diya Hai

  3. Dear Lord Jesus Christ – will You speak to my youngest daughter and get her to make contact with me as soon as possible.

    She has an abusive boyfriend – who is eradicating all her supports – family. We have tried to tell her we love her and will be there for her.

    How much longer Lord. Please set her free from this destructive relationship, bring her into Your Kingdom and bring her home Lord.

    We need to know exactly where she is and to be ready to assist her get free of this mad man.

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