2 thoughts on “I’ve Learned #4…By Andy Rooney

  1. So very true! I remember rocking my oldest so many, many years ago till she fell asleep. How peaceful it was to watch her sleep. Thinking how could anyone ever doubt there is a God. Looking into that perfect little face, counting ten little fingers & toes and thanking God for a healthy, happy baby he’d sent me to love and care for. That was my favorite time spent with my daughter and the most
    peaceful, holding her in my arms & rocking her to sleep.
    God Bless,

  2. Shalom!!! this is very true. when my daughter was a baby, I would hold her in my arms and look at her beautiful face and touch her soft skin,I would rock her till she fell asleep in my arms,then I would feel a presence of peace come all over me,a peace I can not really express, it was like HaShem was right there by me telling me he loved me and would watch over us. many times I would feel this peace and feel that some one was near me and my daughter..those times were very special to me which I will never forget, HaShem is always near me when ever I need Him. ….When it seems like the world has gone crazy….and it feels like HaShem has forgotton His people…just look around..smell flowers..hold a baby…look at the birds…do Tzedakah….HaShem has not forgotton you. Shalom- Aleikhem!!!! Jess.

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