Psalm 23 for The Work Place

My dear friend Debbie sent this to me and not only am I sharing it with you, I’m printing it out and posting it at my workstation tomorrow!  Take care and God bless you.

-Briggie ^i^


psalm 23 for the workplace


5 thoughts on “Psalm 23 for The Work Place

  1. I am waiting an important from a judge for my immigration case. A friend reminded me this fundamental Psalm 23 and from today I am decided to associate my prayers with everybody who wants to help for a good result.

  2. Praise the lord…… know their thing’s in life that you sometime’s want and you dont get them immediately but with God anything is possible…….you know their times whereby you going through bad time’s where you should have died but he stepped right on time “HALLELUJAH” I believe in my living God he never let me down..All we have to do is to pray and hold on to his promises…

  3. Shalom..I am thankful for this Psalm. it lifts me up.I been going through alot lately and feel at times I have no where to turn.I feel there is no body to talk to.but then Hashem always sends a word to help me and lifts me up, G-d bless you. Shalom.

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