Day: May 23, 2009

Prayer Request – Craig

Hello prayer warriors.  I have been asked by Cindy to lift her son Craig up to the Lord in prayer.

He has been ill and the doctors are unable to give a diagnosis as to what is causing him to be sick.  Cindy tells me that his stomach is affected but also asks that we pray for healing in his back as well.

Charles Capps says that, “God’s Word is PERFECT SPIRITUAL LAW (Ps. 19:7).  It is SUPERNATURAL MEDICINE.”  I know that there is power in God’s Word and that when we speak these Words, we take them from the spiritual realm and give power to them in the physical realm.

Lord God, Master and Creator of the Universe, we come to you and lift Craig up before you.  Lord, the doctors say his illness is a mystery, but we know that this is no mystery for You.  The doctors told Craig not to come back to them because there is nothing they can do for him, but we know You can do all things. 

Father, we know that if it is Your will, you can touch him and heal him miraculously, so in the name of Jesus we ask You to touch him and release him from sickness in his stomach and his back.  We also know that You use doctors to heal, so if it is Your will, reveal to the doctors the cause for his sickness and use the doctors to bring about his healing.  God, Your Word says that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven, so we bind the enemy and darkness over Craig’s illness.  Your Word also said whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven, so we loose the power of light to reveal the cause of Craig’s sickness and loose healing in his body. 

Jesus, You bore our sins upon Your back on the cross to make us free from the sins of death, so we are alive unto God.  By Your stripes, Craig is healed and made whole.  God, Your Word brings life and healing and by Your Word, Craig is healed.  Jesus, You bore our illnesses so in Your name, we refuse to allow sickness to dominate Craig’s body.  Your blood brings life which flows through Craig bringing healing to every fiber of his being.  Body, we speak the Word of Faith to you and demand that every cell, artery, tissue, organ, bones and marrow perform a perfect work, for you are a temple of the Holy Ghost.  We charge you body in the perfect name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of His holy name and Word to be healed and made whole. 

Lord, I pray for Your perfect peace to surround Craig and his family and ask that you place Your angels around them in Jesus mighty and precious name, amen.