A Message From Logan

This was sent to me by a friend the other day and I just had a chance to open it up and watch it.  I can’t express in words just how much this affected me, but I knew right away this had to be shared.  When I went to YouTube to see if I could embed it from there I found the short version she sent to me along with a longer version.  I decided to post the longer version however you can see the edited version on Godtube or Youtube, or visit the CBN website for the entire phone conversation. 

As I am typing this, the words from another dear friend comes to my mind, “God is no respector of person, He will use anyone to spread His message”, and to that I say Amen, and Amen.  – Oh yeah, one more thing, this message comes with a tissue alert!!!  Take care and God bless you – Briggie ^i^


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