Day: December 9, 2008

Are Those Bells I hear?

Said the night wind to the little lamb, do you hear what I hear?!  Uh, yeah, I hear those sleigh bells jingling ring ting tingaling too, and those Silver bells and let’s not forget about those Jingle Bells but the bells I’m referring to are those of a Wedding kind…

Somebody’s getting married!!!!  It’s official, my daughter Daniele accepted the marriage proposal from her boyfriend Chris!  How awesome is that? 

I am so happy for both of them!  Chris is a wonderful man and his family is so sweet and kind and of course they are getting a totally awesome, beautiful, gifted, talented, funny, charming, loving, giving, kind and  generous, soon to be wife and daughter in law!

This is my first born and the first of my children to be engaged so I’m kinda clueless as to protocol so any advice you can give will be deeply appreciated.

It looks like they’re planning either a Spring 2010 or Fall 2010 (of course I prefer the latter) wedding and I know it’ll be here before we can blink.

Here is the happy couple – image aren’t they just too cute??


Here’s Chris on one knee – image awe, look she’s so happy….image and what’s so cool is that he asked our permission for her hand in marriage before he proposed to her!  He made some brownie points on that one – and he gets major kudos for the bling….. image

So now the question is, anyone got a few grand laying around they aren’t gonna use???  If so send it on over here….hehehehehhe

As things progress, I’ll update everyone.