Praise Report From India

My dear brother in Christ Yeshua, Daniel, sent me this wonderful praise report and I wanted to share it with you.  Please continue to pray for India and the safety of those that choose to follow Christ.


*** Shalom Briggie,

Below is a report from Brian and Rabbi Scott Sekolow after a trip to India to visit the lost tribe of Manasseh.

I know Brian well and he is trustworthy in what he says.

Y’shua walked with this team!!!

It is like a page out of the Bible!

Love in Y’shua,



Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 12:41 AM

Subject: 1st report from Brian’s India Medical Mission trip

Shalom Dear Friends and Family,


I have gone and now have arrived safely home to Israel and my wife Racheli and three very happy kids, just a few days ago.  At the request of Jewish Voice Ministries, I joined them on this incredible ground breaking medical mission.  I was very fulfilled with all that the Lord has accomplished in  the last couple weeks in India.  I just wish I could have done more for this very poor Lost Tribe of Israel, the Jewish people of Bnei Menashe in Mizoram.  God definitely did ARISE through me and the team as we brought the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to bring and demonstrate the comfort and Good News of the Messiah Yeshua-(Jesus).

Again, just a little back round on the people we reached in India:

The Bnei Menashe number themselves among the ten northern Lost Tribes of Israel, scattered from 722B.C. with the Assyrian captivity.  Their tradition holds that they are the “Sons of Manasseh,” and they have a strong desire to return “home” to Israel. Several hundred Bnei Menashe have made aliyah (immigrated to Israel under the Law of Return) over the past few years, but many thousands still remain in two extremely remote and primitive regions along India’s northeastern border with Myanmar (formerly Burma).  Recently the Israeli government approved to bring the rest of Lost Tribe home to Israel over the next couple years.  This makes our impact and outreach even more meaningful.  Hallelujah!

After two days of aborted flights from Kolkota (Calcutta), due to the weather of monsoon season our group finally arrived.  Finally, what may have been a supernatural act, the entire group arrived in two flights.  Possibly supernatural because according to one report, literally as the plane landed, immense fog closed in right behind!  Literally, two hours after landing we went straight to work, setting up the clinic cubicles and started assessing and treating patients.  We had a Medical section, OBGYN section, Optical section, Dental section, Pharmacy section and an amazing Prayer and Intercession section.

The below praise reports are just a few of the Highlights I chose for now, reported from our prayer team although they are all precious.  I may share more in another email.

Our wonderful prayer team consisted of 3 people. A young girl named Moii, a local Jewish Believer from Mizoram was on the team as our interpreter.

We had a goal of providing health care to 3,000 people during this 5 day mission.  Praise God we were able to give medical, dental and eye care to 4,643 men, women and children. Everyone on the mission team is celebrating – this was a true miracle!
We prayed for everyone who came to us.
Moii volunteered to help us.  Her aunt and recently deceased uncle were the leaders of the Messianic Jewish Synagogue “Beth Israel”.  She was an incredible blessing to us, as she helped us to pray for the people God sent us.

Below are some of the real testimonies of what God did:

We prayed for a 10 year old boy who at the age of 2 years old fell out of  a tree.  He lost his sight and the ability to walk (8years) from that time till the day we prayed for him, in Yeshua’s Name.  He received prayer from Marie in Optical, she gave him glasses and then he was carried into the prayer room by his father.  Ministers prayed for his carriers back pain to go and it did!!! Then we prayed for the healing of Job (the 10year old) This boy walked in Yeshua’s Name.  We sent him back to Pediatrics to verify his healing. The video team came and recorded this event on photo.  As Job left the clinic he took off the glasses and returned to give them back because he said he didn’t need them anymore, “HE CAN SEE PERFECTLY!”   We saw Job again at the Orthodox Synagogue on Shabbat he had been taken care of by the people of the synagogue since his parents could not handle the 8 year burden of caring for him.  The Jews were amazed at what had happened to Job in Yeshua’s Name!!!  Job was beaming as he walked across the front of the temple in front of all the congregation.  Rabbi Scott Sekolow and I spoke that night about the power in Yeshua’s Name!!!  God is so loving, kind and good.

Job returned to show us his great improved sight and walking ability.  He received salvation in Messiah Yeshua and so did his mom.  Job’s mom had back, hip, and leg pain after prayer, the pain left.

97 year old man asked to have” sins forgiven” he received salvation in Yeshua.  He spoke about his parents being the first Christian wedding in Mizoram.  When asked about life before Christianity he said, we were all Jewish!”  He also said that the missionaries told them to NOT TELL ANYONE THAT THEY WERE JEWISH.  This man was very articulate in English.

Orthodox Jewish man (20’s) saved in Yeshua’s Name.

Then God healed the 19 year old sister of bilateral deafness.  They came into the prayer room sobbing and wailing.  They had just received the report that she would never hear again.  She had measles a month prior and had severe nerve damage.  The medical report we read said that she needed a miracle from God. She left with her hearing in both ears!!!  She was ecstatic and overjoyed at what God had done.  He saved her to the uttermost!!!  Oh the love of God, and the healing power of our beloved Messiah Yeshua!!!

A 14 year old boy, we called FAITH, who hadn’t walked in 9 years after an accident at 5 years old , had permanent spinal cord injury according to the doctors, a permanent disability.  Medical report he carried in said that he needed a MIRACLE.  He came in because he had seen Job walk, he said,” I want to walk!!!”  We prayed for him and in Yeshua’s Name, the boy walked!!! He was taken back to the doctors who saw him walk, the video team recorded his walking.   Also when he received his miracle the media from Mizoram were interviewing me and I was telling him about the miracles of God in the prayer room.  Then I turned to look at Faith and God had freed him from his malady and he got up and walked!!!!  The media man marveled at the power of God present to heal.

A 27 year old woman with congenital blindness, the medical report said she needed a miracle.  She received salvation and then was healed of her blindness.  She was beaten as a young girl for falling because her mom did not believe she couldn’t see. She saw her daughter for the first time after prayer. Oh the look on her face. She could not keep eyelids open, after prayer her eyes were fully open.

That same day a middle aged man was prayed for who had bowed legs from an accident in 1997, he needed a cane to walk and couldn’t walk stairs at all he was in horrible pain.  Prayed for him and he was healed in Yeshua’s Name.  He was walking without a cane and he CAN DO STAIRS. He left pain free and very happy.

Another older man that day came in with knee and ankle pain, he could not climb stairs because of the pain.  He had watched as the first man was healed and left without his cane.  He came in and said that he wanted to be healed also.  He too left pain free and totally healed, able to climb stairs. There are lots of stairs in Mizoram!!! Halleluyah Yeshua!!!

A girl (20) who had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was led to salvation in Yeshua’s Name and we watched as Yeshua straightened out her crooked bent legs and she was able to WALK and said she “felt free!!” Yeah Yeshua!!

There were 45 salvation’s and many healings and miracles as you have just read.  We prayed for many that we believe were healed progressively. It was an amazing experience to minister to these humble, loving, kind, gentle, beautiful Jewish and Gentile people.
Clip of Brian talking to children from “HIV Children’s Home” at clinic in Mizoram, India.

Clip showing crowds of Mizoram Jews lining up to receive help in the medical clinic.

All these wondrous things and more could not have been possible without the sincere prayers and sacrificial giving of YOU our wonderful friends and partners of ours.  We are deeply thankful for your support and want you to know how greatly your blessings were received by people in need here in Mizoram.

Now having this great connection with the Jewish Community in Mizoram, being that we live in Israel, we do plan on searching out those from India that Israel has already brought home to Israel.  What a blessing that would be to them to share pictures of their relatives and share testimonies of what God did during my visit in their villages. Please pray for this.

Racheli and I continue the work the Lord has called us to here in Israel, reaching the lost, poor and needy with Yeshua (Jesus).  Again, we could not do this with out your faithful support and prayers.  If the Lord has spoken to your heart and blessed you through the work of His hand in my testimony, please consider how you can continue to support us until “All Israel will be saved”!

To God be the glory, great things He has done.

Brian, Racheli, Raz, Amichai and Moriya

Saving Lives in Israel

P.S.-Please pray a special healing for our son Amichai as the day before I returned home, he was playing in the park and ran into a pole and broke his head open.  The doctors in the ER said he should be o.k. and glued his head back together.  I told Amichai, not to worry that Yeshua would heal him and he said “Yeshua has already healed me”.  Child like faith, ya gotta love it.  He is 4 1/2yrs. old
Am Israel Chai-(The People of Israel Live)


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