Urgent Prayer Request for Corinna and Josh

Hello prayer warriors, I come to you today on behalf of Corinna and ask you to read the prayer request she left for us and intercede for her and her friend Josh.  Please put Josh on your prayer lists and ask other to pray for him as well.

I pray that God watches over Josh and places His angels as a hedge of protection around him.  May His peace be upon him and may God be glorified though Josh.  I pray that Josh allows God to use him as a powerful witness for the grace, love and mercy of Christ and that he be used mightily for God’s kingdom.  I pray that God blesses both Corinna and Josh and gives them both strength and peace to make it through each day in the precious name of Jesus, amen.


My name is Corinna, I love the Lord with all my heart and joined this web page to get more people praying for my friend Josh. He is a soldier that is going through hell on earth right now and he needs many intercessors in prayer to fight on his behalf . Please help me pray.
Read the following so you understand .

Your Hero’s,

My Friend Josh is a soldier. He deployed last year to Baghdad Iraq as a MP (Military Police).
After the day was over and His friend Lance and Him would lay down to sleep, They would listen to Sanctus Real’s song -(Whatever your doing) and would talk about the things they were going to do when they got back home, Laughing and Joking trying to keep the moral light.
April 18, 2008 There group moves out for another unpredictable day in Iraq. Lance E. says to Josh, ” I want to be gunner today.” So Josh was driving and Lance was gunner that day. About Mid afternoon while driving down a road an IED is detonated, Throwing There Hummve in the air landing on its back. Josh, Lance and, another Soldier that was in the vehicle, were left in complete disarray. While Josh is laying unconscious, in a cloud of dust and smoke, thrown a few yard away from the Hummer, He is awaken by the thought of, “Lance”. While Josh is pretty badly injured he is still able to move, He hurries around to the other side of the Hummve to find his friend severely wounded. Josh holds his best friend Lance in his arms. Broken and battered, The reality of it all hits.
Lance O. Eakes gave his Life for his country April 18, 2008, a great soldier who stood for his country till the end of his life. I thank you Lance.
My Prayer today Is for my Friend Joshua M. Freeman who also lost another combat buddy this past week to suicide. Josh knows the Lord and says he is saved. I know he is really in allot of pain and tired of the thoughts and flash backs. He needs to turn to the Lord, I know it may be a long time before things start to heal in his heart and mind but i am holding on to the hope that all that pain and hurt will be used in the end to bring Glory and honor to God and he will be used for the kingdom to reach out and touch people that are going through all he has… Please pray with faith, I want a miracle to happen here in this mans life. Please help me fight for this wounded soldiers life. He is at a crossroads…
Thank you for reading, and please pass this on to as many people as you can.
I am looking forward to giving you the Great news! )
God Bless.


3 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request for Corinna and Josh

  1. Heavenly Father,
    I don’t think I could have said it better than
    Daniel. You spared Josh for a reason. Just
    please show him the way. With you by his side
    and in his heart he can make it.

  2. Abba Father,
    Please take into Your arms Josh and heal him of all of his wounds and bring him into a peaceful relationship with You.
    Thank You Abba Father,
    In Y’shua’s Name

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