Prayer request For Carmela

Dear prayer partners and warriors, my friend Daniel is asking us to please join in prayer for Carmela and her family.  I have posted the prayer request that Annie sent to Daniel and ask that you add them to your personal prayer list, your church prayer list and anyone that you pray via email with.

Friends, we know the power of prayer and the awesome power of God.  Let us speak words of healing, peace and strength over Carmela and her family as they stand with faith in God and His will for them.  We know that NOTHING is too small or too big for God and through Him all things are possible in the mighty name of Jesus!


Hello My Angel, Please pray for my Goddaughter Carmela who is 30 years old, married with a beautiful little boy.  She’s been getting bad headaches. The doctor told her she has a brain tumor. It’s pretty big in size and part of it is touching the back of her eye. She is seeing apparently a great neurologist tomorrow in Denver. Please pray for a miracle. Thank you and I love you all, Annie  


One thought on “Prayer request For Carmela

  1. Shalom, I am praying for Carmela that Adonail will touch her and bless her I will also mention this to my friends, We will be praying for everyone that is part of Carmela,s life. May Adonai bless you and keep you..Adonai is our true healer . we love and prayers ,always..Jess

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