Morning and Evening Prayer

So, as I’m trying to unwind from a hard day’s work followed by some grocery shopping and dinner making I notice there isn’t any mail sitting on my computer table.

I decide to take a peek into the mailbox, and there it is, waiting, patiently for someone to take it into the house – I am elected. 

Praise God there are no bills, just every day “junk mail” and a letter from Dr. Charles Stanley.

So, I toss the junk mail and open the letter from Dr. Stanley and a pretty laminated card slips out and to my surprise it’s a morning and evening prayer.  I make it a point to pray each morning and evening, but these prayers are so simple yet powerful that I wanted to share it with you.





6 thoughts on “Morning and Evening Prayer

  1. I am so excited to find this morning and evening prayer. The one I have I had it since 2008 and it is falling apart and I say it each and every morning and night. I going to print out and have laminated.

    1. Praise the Lord. I received this prayer about a month ago. I read these prayer every day. I shared these prayers with a friend in California and lost them after that. I was do out done. I prayed that the Lord would return them back to me. I was on In touch web site tonight and found them. I am so thankful to God that these prayers are back in my possession. I will continue to share them with others. God bless you.

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