Prayer Request for Kiarah

Dear prayer partners, my friend Rita from Florida has asked us to put Kiarah Bowley on our prayer lists.

Kiarah is a sweet little 8 year old living here in New Jersey.  She is in need of surgery to remove one of her kidneys due to cancer.  As my dear friend Doris said to me in her email today, it is hard enough for an adult to undergo this kind of surgery, let alone a small child.  Her grandmother, who lives in Florida and is friends with Rita is flying up so she can be with her family during their time of need.

I can only imagine what Kiarah and her family must be feeling right now, so I pray that the peace that only God can bring fall upon them all right now, in the mighty name of Jesus, Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach.

Father God, Master and Creator of the Universe, please look upon your daughter Kiarah and her family.  Send Your angels of mercy and peace to stand guard over Kiarah and those who will be caring for her.  I pray that if it be Your will, that she be healed and not need surgery, and if You want to heal her through surgery, let Your hands guide those of the surgeons as they operate on her.  In the name of Jesus, we bind every germ, disease, cancer and illness that is invading her body.  Your blood flows through her bringing life, restoration and healing to each cell and organ and tissue in her being.  I pray for a quick and painless recovery for her and ask that You send The Holy Spirit to minister and bring comfort to Kiarah and her family.  Precious Jesus, hold her in Your loving arms and shelter her.  I ask all these things in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.


5 thoughts on “Prayer Request for Kiarah

  1. My friend Kiarah Boulley has Cancer she has recovered and Recieved it again. I searched her name and came upon, this website ,, So i hope and i wil pray that Kiarah will gedt better.

    God Bless You.

  2. I’m Kiarah’s grandmother in florida. thank you for all your prayers for my precious little grand daughter. she is quite the fighter and smiles a lot even though she is so weak some times, She will be having radiation 5xd for the next 5 days and every 3rd week she will be having a double dose of chemo thos same 5 days. She makes this old (60) years old grandmother not worry about her mnor aches and pains any more. We know that God is watching over her and my son and his wife in NJ.

  3. Abba Father,
    In the Name of Your Son Yeshua HaMashiach we ask You to heal Kiarah of all sickness.
    And we thank You and Praise You Father and know that it is done already.
    In Yeshua’s Mighty Name

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