Day: August 23, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request – Update

This past Wednesday, I reached out to you in prayer for myself (will have news on Monday) and for Ian, a close friend of my son Jarrett, and a young man who is like a son to my husband and I.

I asked you to pray and ask God to blind the loan officers to our poor credit rating as we co-signed his school loan and we just learned that God answered our prayers.

As each day passed and we did not hear any word on the outcome, my thoughts would wander and I had to constantly remind myself that God had it under control and it would be according to His will if the loan was approved or not.  I was so overcome with emotion that tears streamed down my face as I listened to the voicemail from Ian thanking us for helping him and how much he appreciated our support.  My thoughts went immediately to God thanking Him because I knew that if it were up to man, we would face defeat.   

All praise, honor, glory and blessing be unto God, Master of the Universe, Creator of all things seen and unseen, who sits upon the throne and reigns over all the earth.  I thank each of you for your prayers and pray that God blesses you according to His riches and Glory in heaven.