Day: August 21, 2008

A Message from Joel Osteen

I am a few days behind in my email messages so today as I was going through my inbox I came across my Joel Osteen inspiration of the day and knew this one had to make it to my blog, and I’ll explain why:

The other day, I was at the automotive store because I needed new wiper blades when a man on a bike said “hello” to me then proceeded to turn around and stop right in front of me.  He began to make idle conversation starting with, “don’t I know you from somewhere”, to which my first reaction was I don’t think so, but given that my memory is pretty bad, I simply said, “perhaps from when I worked here in town”.  He then began to tell me of his day and ended by asking if I could spare $2.00 so he could get the bus back home. 

Well, honestly, these days money is tight and $2.00 is a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs, and how could I be sure he wasn’t trying to get a few dollars to head to the liquor store?  I pondered what he was asking for what seemed like minutes, but was really just seconds and something inside me said to offer the money to the man.  I’ve learned that when you feel the Holy Spirit urging you to do something, you just go with it, and besides, it didn’t matter what he needed the money for, my heart was in the right place and I knew God would honor it.

Later that evening, I checked my email and saw that a job I applied for offered me an interview for a job just minutes from my home, office work – so no standing all day, Monday – Friday 830-500 and one weekend a month.  I was so excited because I have submitted my resume and applied for so many jobs without even a whisper for many months now and have just stood in faith that God was in control and He would open the door when He was ready.  (just an fyi – I had the interview today and will know the outcome on Monday, so keep me in prayer!)

Now, I’m not saying that everytime you hand out a few dollars to someone you get instant rewards, and I’m not saying that this interview is a done deal and the job is mine – although I have already told God that if it be His will, I am most ready and willing.  I am saying that God will bless you, for whatsoever you do for the least of His brothers, you do also unto Him. (matt 25:34, 40)

Take care, enjoy the message below and may God bless you,

Briggie ^i^

Fulfilling the Law of Christ

Today’s Scripture

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2 NIV).

Today’s Word from Joel and Victoria

It pleases God when we live in peace and unity; when we love and serve others and put their needs above our own. The bible says we are fulfilling the law of Christ when we carry each other’s burdens, when we pray for them and when we are supportive in their time of need. There are many ways to reach out to people and help carry their burdens. Just by giving an encouraging word or smile, you can help lighten the load for someone. When you pray and intercede for others in their day of difficulty, you are helping carry their burdens. Maybe there are other ways to help the people around you. Maybe you can pay for someone’s groceries, or give someone cash at the gas pump. Anytime you help others and reach out to them, it’s as if you are directly lending a hand to God.

Remember, in God’s kingdom what you sow, you shall reap. When you help others, God promises to repay you. He’ll make sure that people reach out to you in your time of need as well so that you can live in victory and blessing all the days of your life. 

A Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father, I want to fulfill Your law of love by serving and helping others. Show me how to be a blessing to the people around me so that I can help carry their burdens. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.