Prayer Request For Nicholas – Urgent Update

Last week I posted the prayer request below and I have an update below from his mom.  Nicholas is having a tough time and we need continued prayer for him and his family.

As of 7/30/08 Nick is still in the hospital and now has a fever of 102.  Nick was in alot of pain ,we are up every hour on the hour!  We were supposed to go home today, but he woke up feeling sick to his stomach, and with a pain on his left side! Dr.Figueroa got really concerned that he might have a blockage, so he sent him to get an ultrasound, and some blood work!  The ultrasound showed swelling that is causing his pain,and a little blockage and his blood work for his kidney function showed a little elevated, so this is what they keep an eye on to make sure your not in kidney failure!  He is in no danger of kidney failure, but if the numbers keep elevating then they have to insert something to drain the kidneys while he is recovering!  He just started a new medicine to help him relax his bladder, and to relieve the peeing every 45 minutes,and the pain and so far it is relieveing some pain, but he is still urinating all the time!  We are all exhausted and have been here at the hospital for 6 days.


7/25/08 Dear prayer partners, please add Nicholas to your prayer list.  He is having surgery on his kidney today.  He is the grandson of one of my oldest and dearest friends and he has had health problems since birth.

I don’t really know all the details, but it has to do with a urinary reflux problem and they are believing that this surgery will correct the problem.

Please keep the doctors and hospital in prayer that they will be guided by the Lord as they operate and care for Nick.  Please also lift up his family that they will continue to have faith in Jehovah Rophe that His Will will be performed and that He has a plan.

The blood of Jesus flows through Nick bringing life and healing to every cell, muscle, fibre, organ and tissue in his body.  Sickness has no place in his body and he is healed in the mighty name of Yeshua.  Father, Master and Creator of the Universe, and all that is seen and unseen, place Your loving hands upon Nick and his family and let the peace that only You can bring fall upon them and wrap around them in Jesus name.


One thought on “Prayer Request For Nicholas – Urgent Update

  1. Abba Father,
    We look to You Dear Father for total healing for Nick. Not trusting in man but in You to provide the divine healing that he needs. Please Adonai as Your children we ask for this healing.
    We ask, believe and receive this in the Powerful Name of Your Son, Yeshua HaMashiach

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