Prayer Request For Dylan

I received this from my friend in Yeshua, Daniel and have been given permission to pass it on.  Please lift Dylan and his family up in prayer and pass this on to your prayer buddies

Brother Jerry ,

   Hello I  need to update you on my son Dylan 

We went to Shriners Hospital in South Carolina this week and we need prayer  the good news first Dylan is a Shriner Baby now and his hands are fine for now they are more worried about his feet right now , he wears a Helmet on his head to reshape his head and it is working

His Hips and his Knees are  fine … now the bad news

He has A Joint Condition in his Bones and his feet will either need multiple Surgeries or One big Surgery which is to Amputate half of both of his little Feet and make Prosthetic feet and toes  and he would be able to walk soon with no more surgeries on his little feet.

If we don’t do the amputation he will never be able to walk

I really need Prayer as I decide this and Dylan needs Prayer to get through all of this .

I also need Prayer because my ex ( His Father ) may not agree to the Surgery the way he acted at first and I don’t see as I have any choice but to do the amputation so he can walk ..

Thank you for your Prayers and GOD BLESS YOU

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