VOM Prayer request & Update 7/1


Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,
“The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.”  (1 Corinthians 16:23)

Prayers for July 1st, 2008
From The Voice of the Martyrs

Pray for
Christians Abducted at Gunpoint by Muslim Extremists – VOM Sources
On June 21, 16 Christians were abducted by Muslim extremists when they gathered to pray in Academy Town, Peshawar, Pakistan. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts in Pakistan, “Salamat Masih and 30 of his family and close friends were gathered to pray and celebrate the birth of his daughter, when 12 Taliban [members] of the Lashka-e-Islam group broke into his house yelling and shouting. They held the believers at gunpoint. The Muslim house-owner, Haji Muhammad Saraj, was also present at the time to collect rent.” VOM contacts added, “With machine and automatic guns, they forcibly separated the men from the women and children. Slapping the Christian men, they commanded all 16 men, including Pastor Zulifqar and Haji Muhammad Saraj, to get into the five waiting vehicles.” The 16 Christian men were held captive for an hour. “They were beaten and abused, and had all their money and mobile phones stolen from them. During this time, the Taliban attempted to persuade Pastor Zulifqar to convert to Islam, which he unquestionably refused. After sunset the Taliban took them to another place where they were kept in a cave until their release 10 hours later,” VOM contacts reported. Pray for believers in Pakistan. Pray God protects them and provides for all their needs. Also pray their courageous testimonies will draw nonbelievers into fellowship with Him. Psalm 91:1-2
Pray for EGYPT
Christian Homes and Businesses Attacked – VOM Sources
On June 19, a mob of local Muslims attacked businesses and homes belonging to Coptic Christians in the village of Al Nazla, Fayoum province. According to VOM contacts, “When a convert from Christianity to Islam left that day on a three-day trip to Cairo, local Muslims concluded that she had gone missing. Rumors circulated that she had been abducted by her Christian family members. A mob of Muslims then went on a rampage in the village, beating and injuring Christians and destroying property.” Ask God to strengthen those affected by the mob violence and for them to remain steadfast as they suffer. Pray that the perpetrators of this attack will come to repentance and salvation. Revelation 2:10
Church Closed Again – VOM Sources
Recently, Muslims closed a church and blocked Christians from entering and holding services in Jatimula, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts in Indonesia, “Muslims blocked the alley leading to the church building. Pastor Anna and Huta Julu had to lead worship outside their church building and believers had to sit in the dirty alley to pray outside their church.” VOM contacts added, “The sign outside the church building stated, ‘This church building is sealed,’ and it was written on a letterhead belonging to the Tambun Selatan district of Bekasi local government.” This is the second time Muslims have closed the church in Bekasi. The church was first closed on September 10, 2005, when a mob of 100 Muslims nailed boards over doors and windows and prohibited believers from entering the building. Praise God for the unwavering faith of believers in Indonesia. Ask God to watch over Pastor Anna and Huta Julu as they continue to lead other believers in Indonesia. Pray for protection for believers as they courageously live for Christ in the midst of hardships. John 15: 18-21
Pastor Arrested – Forum 18 News
On June 20, Pastor Hamid Shabanov was arrested after police claimed to find an illegal weapon while searching his home in Aliabad. According to Forum 18 News, “Pastor Shabanov’s family and congregation insist that police planted the gun they claimed to discover. Shabanov’s brother sees the arrest as a direct attack on the pastor’s Baptist church and an attempt to halt Christian activity in the area. Shabanov’s home was among those searched when another local pastor arrested on fabricated charges, Pastor Zaur Balaev, was detained in May 2007.” Pray that the truth of this situation will be made known and that Pastor Shabanov will be released. Pray that Christians in Azerbaijan will be emboldened to follow in their Savior’s footsteps. 1 Corinthians 4:9-16


3 thoughts on “VOM Prayer request & Update 7/1

  1. Dear G&M, I am not sure why you are not receiving your email messages. Check your junk mail filters, if that is okay, then go to VOM’s site and contact them or sign up again. I receive regular emails and just received my first issue of their newsletter by regular mail, great stuff! take care and God bless you and thank you for visiting my site and for your comments.


  2. We used to receive automatic Prayer Updates from “thevoice@persecution.com” but haven’t received any since July 08,2008 when we got our last Prayer Update from “VOM-USA News & Prayer Update”. We’d like to reinstate if possible. Thank you, G&M Dunlap.

  3. We should pray every day for the protection, strength and overall well being of our brothers and sisters around the world. Even in Israel there is persucution against the saints.

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