Soul Harvest – New Designs



A few weeks ago I wrote about a new Christian business called Soul Harvest.  I was so excited when I learned the owner designed a T-shirt after Laminin (I posted a Godtube video about this), the “glue” that holds us together, so I ordered it.  I also ordered a T-shirt that was inspired by the movie, ‘Expelled’, by Ben Stein (I wrote about this too).  I got my T-shirts today, and I am really pleased with their quality and the fit.  I’ll take a few photos and post them

I received an email from RW, the owner of Soul Harvest to let me know of some new designs called Cotton Glow, and thought you’d like to check them out.  You can also check out his other designs by clicking on the icons below, or just head over to Soul Harvest’s home page by clicking HERE!

To me, Soul Harvest is more than just an apparel company.  RW’s designs are spreading the Word of God.  I find that sometimes witnessing to people is difficult, so now I can let my clothing do the talking and if someone wants to ask me about the message I can take it from there.

Oh, and to help promote RW’s designs there’s going to be a giveaway so make sure you check back soon, or subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS for more details!






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