Praise Report – Jose

I know I haven’t really put much information about Jose’s condition on my blog but thank you to everyone who has kept us in prayer.

Back in April Jose had a large mass removed from his neck.  We were told it was malignant so he had to have a Pet Scan to see if the cancer spread and a Bone Marrow biopsy to see what stage it was in.  We were told he had Stage 1 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and would probably need chemo and radiation therapy.

Today we met with the Oncologist and were told that even though they thought the Lymphoma had spread, there is no trace of Lymphoma in his body and he will only need a small amount of radiation therapy at the site where the mass was.

PRAISE GOD, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!  I thank Him for His faithfulness and ever loving care.  He is so awesome.  I can’t tell you in words how we felt when we heard this news today.  We put our faith in God to heal Jose in whatever way He chose, and to hear that he will not need chemo is such a blessing. 

I know the affect chemo has on the body and I also know that everyone responds differently to it; so I was bracing myself for the worst case scenario.  To know that our lives will not be turned upside down and that Jose can move forward in treating other health issues without worrying about Lymphoma is a HUGE blessing.

Thank you Jehova Rophe for Your healing touch and mercy.


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